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Wolf Pro Liner Internal Blower Installation


  • Part number 814419, 814420, 814421, 814422, or 814423
  • Instruction sheet 815069
  • List of components included with 814419, 814420, 814421, 814422, or 814423
  • PL342212, PL402212, PL462212, PL522212, PL582212, PL3419212, PL401912, PL461912, PL521912, PL581912 internal blower installation instructions
  • Static pressure charts for Pro Hood Liners
  • What size or diameter ductwork is the static pressure chart based on?


Pro Liner Internal Blower Installation Instructions detail the installation process.

  • Wolf can provide a static pressure chart for Pro Hood Liners with recommended internal blowers if needed.
  • The static pressure chart is based on use of the suggested 10" round diameter ductwork.
  • An HVAC contractor should always be consulted with for the most accurate static pressure information.
  • This information is applicable to both the 19" and 22" Pro liners.
  • For ease of installation, it is recommended to install the blower before mounting the liner on the wall.
  • Note that the blower mounting plate ships with the hood, not the blower.
  • Refer to the Blower Motor Compatibility Chart for more information.

Refer to the product Installation Guide for additional information.

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