Voitek TV & Appliance, Inc.

About Us

Voitek TV & Appliances started with two coal miners, Dave and Mark Voitek. Seeing no future in the mines, they were attracted to a new medium called television. First servicing and then selling T.V.'s, Voitek TV & Appliances was born. From the humble beginning, Voitek TV & Appliances has grown to two locations with expansive showrooms and over 40,000 square feet of warehouse space.

We are proud of our growth and we thank the people of the Wyoming Valley for their support. Voitek TV & Appliances is a family-owned discount Home Appliances and Electronics store based on Route 11 in Exeter, PA. Since 1958, Voitek TV & Appliances has served customers in Exeter, Kingston, Wyoming, Pittston, Dallas, Plains, Plymouth, Edwardsville, Scranton and Dupont with low prices and top notch customer service.