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Ensure the Best Possible Installation Experience

Ensure the Best Possible Installation Experience

You’ve chosen a dealer that you and your design pro trust.

Now you need to finalize the order and arrange for installation. Taking a little extra time here will help prevent delayed or incorrect installation, which many homeowners will attest can be a huge cause of overall delays and dissatisfaction with a kitchen project. Some things to consider:


You and your design pro share a vision for the new appliances. That vision may include special side panels, extended ductwork, and other accessories that need to be ordered in advance. Making sure those extra parts arrive at the job site in time for installation is crucial — not only for the appliance installation, but the subsequent finishing work that can’t begin until those appliances are in place.

While you should expect your salesperson to initiate the necessary discussions while you’re finalizing your order, bring up the subject if they don’t. In addition to installation kits, you may need to order these types of accessories.

  • Range or cooktop: metal backguard (or “riser”) with shelves, backsplash gap filler
  • Refrigerator: panels, handles, grilles
  • Wall-mount range hood: chimney extension kit, chimney/duct cover


It’s worth emphasizing how important it is to make sure qualified technicians handle installation. Your best bet? To work with a dealer who can provide certified installers: professionals who are trained by the manufacturer to install its appliances correctly.

Why go that route? It may cost more, but you’ll get additional services (pre-site check, better communication, post-installation walk-through) that lead to the desired outcome.

Appliances are placed into cabinet openings with precision and properly secured. The models have been properly leveled. Utilities have been hooked up correctly. The appliances work — and the homeowner knows how to use them. And neither the appliances nor any part of the house gets damaged during installation.


You can customize new appliances — or help create continuity between appliances produced by the same company (but from different lines) — by ordering handle kits from the manufacturer. Ask your salesperson for details. Make sure you find out how to register your products once they’re installed; that could be how the warranty is activated. Some manufacturers provide mail-in cards. Others make it possible for you to register your purchase and activate the warranty online. Doing so means you always have instant access to serial numbers, warranties, instruction manuals, and more.

"Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove are so certain their factory-certified installers make a long-term difference that you’ll get an additional year of full factory warranty if you use them."
Austin Holsten

Premium Appliance Distributer, Virginia

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