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Why read magazines when you’re shopping for appliances? Because they’re packed with more value than you realize.


  • Instant inspiration: Home design magazines publish tons of beautiful kitchen images.
  • Stories that explain why homeowners chose the appliances you see in the pics. (Do their cooking rituals resemble yours?)
  • Photo captions that provide hard-working details.
  • Ads promoting manufacturers’ cool new products, features, and finishes.


  • Magazines take months to go from concept to newsstand. You may miss out on the latest product introductions.
  • Editors who provide positive reviews, but shy away from printing negative ones for fear of alienating advertisers.


Get the best of both worlds—the singular focus of a manufacturer’s showroom coupled with the comparison-shopping opportunities offered by a retail showroom—by visiting the Architect & Designers Building in Midtown Manhattan or Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart.

"Ease of cleaning was a big issue for me. When I visited the dealer’s showroom, I could actually see ranges in person. The one I chose has continuous grates I can lift off so I can wipe and clean the whole surface. That really appealed to me."
Ken Monroe

Homeowner, Washington, D.C.

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"I got more ideas for my kitchen in 90 minutes than I did in 90 days on my own!" said one customer. Test drive working appliances. See full-scale kitchens of all styles. Talk with our experts. Get a taste for all your new kitchen can be.

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Partnering with a design professional to create your new kitchen will ensure that the end result matches your vision and suits your lifestyle. See below for a listing of award-winning design professionals in your area.

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Located at specific dealers near you, the Living Kitchen features Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances in real kitchen settings and more resources for selecting the right products for your dream kitchen. Look inside a Living Kitchen.