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Wolf Product News

Introducing the New Generation Electric Cooktops!

Wolf continues to launch exciting cooking products in 2015

Sub-Zero and Wolf kitchen

The updated models of electric cooktops maintain the same size offerings as the previous generation, including a 15” Transitional model and both 30” and 36” widths with Transitional and Contemporary styling options. Updated styling features align with induction cooktops, and include the New Generation black diamond glass pattern, sliding-touch white LED controls, updated trim profiles on the Transitional models and a tighter radius on the glass corners of the Contemporary glass models to provide a modern square profile.

In addition to styling updates, the electric cooktops have updated performance features. New Generation models have an updated element layout and a new 2400 Watt element with oval extension on the 30” models to accommodate larger pans or oval cooking vessels. The 36” models continue to offer a 4400 Watt bridging feature, and all models have a Melt element and True Simmer settings which provide precise control on the low end for the delicate dishes.

The electric cooktop offering continues to be a leader in electric cooking performance by utilizing powerful high frequency pulsation technology. This enables the elements to be rapidly cycled to full power over 15 times per second, providing the quick response and consistent, even heating that is often lacking in electric-powered cooking.

Unit features include a hot light indicator that can remain on even after the controls are turned off for safety; an adjustable timer; and volume and tone adjustability. Units are Star-K certified and have updated Sabbath mode capability built into the controls for convenience.

The new electric cooktops continue to be a great option for those who prefer or require electric cooking but are not ready to switch to induction technology.

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ASKO Product News

ASKO Appliance Launches New, Improved Dishwasher Line

ASKO Appliance announces a rolling launch of a new dishwasher line-up consisting of twelve built-in models that meet the highest standards of design, function and durability.

ASKO dishwasher

The new ASKO dishwasher line-up will incorporate updated performance features and enhanced aesthetic elements, including: quicker drying times, more Power Zones™, decreased noise levels, larger interior capacity, cleaner design and the ability to flush install.

“We at ASKO continuously strive to not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations, and we believe we’ve done that with our new line of dishwashers,” said Jonas Lidberg, managing director of ASKO Appliance AB. “New dishwasher units are built with designers in mind, and include best-in-class performance features. We’re excited to introduce our latest innovations.”

Since April 2014, ASKO Distribution North America, LLC., owned by Sub-Zero Group, Inc., has been the exclusive distributor for the ASKO brand in North America with a primary focus on boosting the brand’s presence beyond Europe and promoting its upmarket products.

Be on the lookout for the new ASKO dishwasher line-up coming soon!

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Product Insights

Sub-Zero Internal and External Water Dispensers

Sub-Zero internal water dispenser

The internal and external water dispensers provide clean, fresh-tasting chilled water and ice (specific models) by passing through our state-of-the-art filtration system and producing high-quality results at your convenience.


Internal – By offering the internal water dispenser, consumers can still have the convenience of filtered and chilled water and ice without having to sacrifice the seamless look and feel of their kitchen design.

External – The external water dispenser not only dispenses filtered water, but ice as well. Having the dispenser on the outside of the unit is convenient for consumers and also saves on cooling loss, as the refrigerator door doesn’t need to be opened.


Sub-Zero Built-In and Integrated water systems provide filtered, chilled water:

  • Water is chilled inside the refrigerator and is available on demand
  • Water is filtered outside the unit prior to being chilled so only clean water enters your refrigerated space
  • Water filtration performance is certified safe and clean by NSF International standards, filtering contaminants such as lead, mercury and asbestos as well as chlorine and its odors to preserve water’s natural taste

Water dispenser for new Integrated:

  • Only one hand needed
  • Internal dispenser only
  • Water only
  • Five 8-oz. glasses of chilled water available on demand
  • Chilled water storage: 35 ounces
  • Dispenses chilled water using "first in, first out" process, insuring the coldest water available is delivered first, which allows for the performance of the 50-oz. tank
  • Water valve added near dispenser outlet for faster shut-off

Water dispenser for Built-In:

  • Two hands needed
  • Both internal and external options
  • Water and ice
  • Five 8-oz. glasses of chilled water available on demand
  • Chilled water storage: 50 ounces


Internal – The internal dispenser can be found on specific Integrated Columns and Talls, as well as specific Built-In Side-by-Side refrigerator/freezer models. The following models are equipped with the internal water dispenser: IC-30RID, IT-30CIID, IT-30RID, IT36-CIID, IT-36RID, BI-42SID/O*, BI-42SID/S*, BI-48SID/O* and BI-48SID/S*.

External – The external dispenser can be found on specific Built-In Side-by-Side models only. The following models are equipped with the external ice and water dispenser: BI-42SD/O, BI-42SD/S, BI-48SD/O and BI-48SD/S.


We have a patent (7814762) for the integration of the bulk ice dispenser switch into the chute for both BI-SD and BI-SID units.

*Also has an internal ice dispenser

News from your distributor

Bradlee Seattle Celebrates Susan Marinello’s Big Kitchen Design Contest Regional Win!

Sub-Zero and Wolf kitchen

Kitchen Design Contest Winner

Bradlee Distributors would like to thank all of the designers who entered the 2013-2014 Kitchen Design Contest. Our region, which includes Washington, Oregon and Alaska, had 48 entries — our biggest turnout so far! Our regional winner this year was Susan Marinello with Susan Marinello Interiors (

New Integrated Sub-Zero Display

We just completed our new contemporary integrated display! Please come check out the new 36" integrated refrigerator column, the 18" integrated freezer column and the 24" integrated wine unit, refrigerator and freezer columns. We really enjoyed working with Interior Environments on this display. Please check out their website if you're looking for excellent custom cabinetry: (

New Display Area Coming This Fall

This fall we will be transforming a section of the showroom into a one-wall kitchen with island, featuring our new 24" single wall oven, 24" drop-down door microwave and 24" induction cooktop. Bring your clients into the showroom and show them how to make the most of a small space.

Dinner Demos/Convection Steam Oven Classes

Every month we host dinner demos and a convection steam oven class. Reserve your seat and come prepared for delicious food, recipes, techniques, and answers to your questions. Please check our website for dates and times:

Customer Experience

Sterling Breaks Down the Barrier Between Sales and Service

Never underestimate the power of relationships. They mean everything to Sub-Zero and everything to their Premier Partners. When Brian Swanlund, president of Chicago-based Sterling Service Group, Inc. saw a breakdown between sales and service, he knew something had to be done. He believed that a dedicated salesperson representing his company to the distributor, builders, and dealers could be the difference to building a strong relationship between sales and service, and he was right.

“I was frustrated that dealers saw service as a necessary pain, and I wanted to show how my company could add value,” said Swanlund. “I knew that if I could create a solid relationship between my company and the people selling the products, then I could show the true value of factory-certified service.”

Once Sterling decided to hire a dedicated salesperson, they worked to clearly outline the job description. They knew that this wasn’t a job for a tech or someone from inside the company. The person had to be different from what people expect from a service company. They wanted someone who could support the Sub-Zero brand and represent service in a polished, high-end fashion. Sterling also understood that this is not a full-time position. They needed someone only 20 hours or less a week.

Using their network of relationships, Sterling found the right match — Tim Manning, a realtor and model, and the son of a Sterling employee who has worked for the company more than 18 years. The flexible, dedicated salesperson job was a perfect fit. Tim could manage his own schedule, calling on dealers and builders as well as attending the many industry nighttime events.

Since instituting the position more than five years ago, Sterling has seen many benefits. The communication with Sterling partners is much stronger. They have built long-lasting relationships with builders, architects and kitchen dealers, who now rely on Sterling during the early stages of projects and often introduce them to clients before any problem arises. Sterling is also a guest speaker at cooking demonstrations, where they are positioned as an added benefit to the customer. Today, Sterling is another reason to buy Sub-Zero products. In the Chicago market, Sterling has been successfully established as the company that will take care of a customer long after the sale.

“The dedicated salesperson role is not quantifiable,” said Swanlund. “However, the proof is in performance. For the last five years, I’ve held a steady customer satisfaction rate in the mid- to high 90s, and other servicers have asked me how Sterling maintains these scores. I know that focusing on the relationship, adding value and breaking down barriers has been the key to our success.”

While it is difficult to determine exact ROI of the investment in a dedicated salesperson, Swanlund knows it has a made a difference to the overall perception and awareness of the company. So much so, Swanlund plans to hire a part-time dedicated salespeople for his other two locations, Pinnacle Appliance Care in New York and Sterling Service Group in Atlanta.

"This is the exact kind of thinking that Sub-Zero applauds,” said Steve Zimmerschied, corporate director of Sub-Zero customer service. “Sterling saw a barrier and solved it through innovative thinking."

Industry Resources

New digital spec tools deliver more convenience to our trade partners

Try Reveal

The world of kitchen design and appliance sales is about as hectic and fast-paced as it gets – especially as the housing market continues to rev up. So Sub-Zero and Wolf now offer more digital specification tools than ever, to support our partners that sell, specify and design around our products, and help them achieve even greater success in their work.

Creating the biggest recent buzz is the Mobile Specifications App, which allows you to access critical product specs anytime, anywhere via your phone or tablet – data, files, photos, design guide and more. Quickly find and share your specs for every currently manufactured Sub-Zero and Wolf model, and check for new product updates that will be available almost immediately.

Another exciting new tool is Reveal – perhaps the most exciting resource we’ve introduced for the trade. It takes the time and guesswork out of the often complicated process of figuring cabinets specs for standard and flush installations of Wolf built-in products – in practically any combination! Other Wolf products and Sub-Zero models will be added to Reveal later in 2015.

Similar to Reveal are our Panel Configurators. Panel specs are provided in depth in our design guides, but these tools save time by giving you the EXACT panel dimensions for your desired single or dual installation of built-in or integrated models. In the case of integrated, we’ll even give you the part numbers for the right stainless steel panel accessories based on your desired installation.

Of course our new web site is the hub for accessing all the spec tools and documents we offer. When in doubt, go to “Menu” and select “Trades Resources,” or use the search box on every page. The Specifications Library on the site is a no-frills way to access spec documents for every current Sub-Zero and Wolf model, and even many older, discontinued models. Look for design guides, install guides, use and care guides, CAD, 20/20 and much more.

We hope you find all these new tools useful in doing your job, and as always, we welcome your feedback. It helps us improve all our tools, and dream up the next exciting new ones.

Try it out

Industry Resources


Sub-Zero and Wolf updated logos

We have updated our logos by increasing the size of the flame in the Wolf logo so that it balances with the snowflake in the Sub-Zero logo. The larger flame will also complement our future 3-logo line-up with Cove. The stainless steel background was enhanced to be more dimensional and impactful. Best of all, our new Sub-Zero and Wolf logos are available as Vector files – which can be resized without diminishing their quality. You can access all the logos and brand guidelines in the Media collective. If you would like access to the Media collective, please contact your distributor.

Inside the industry

Check out the latest industry news!

Sub-Zero Celebrates 70 Years in the Kitchen, Dwell

(May 2015) Dwell speaks with Sub-Zero Group, Inc.'s president & CEO, Jim Bakke, about the company's 70th anniversary and delves deeper into what makes the company stand out in the industry citing its many accomplishments along the way.

Entertaining Outdoor Kitchen Spaces, Inspired Home

(May/June 2015) Inspired Home discusses backyard living areas that lend sophistication, relaxation and ultra-convenience to the home. Michele Bedard, Vice President of Marketing at Sub-Zero and Wolf, offers her thoughts on outdoor kitchen trends. The article appears on page 30 of the e-edition.

New Wolf Cooktop Hides Its Best Features,

(May 2015) From Milan to Miami, flush-mounted appliances are all the rage in contemporary kitchen design. Wolf is featured for its new contemporary gas cooktop that sits level with a countertop and artfully hides its controls.

nousDecor Translates the Design Process Online, K+BB

(May 2015) With a different, more intimate design angle than Houzz or Pinterest, introduces a new way to connect and inspire.

Dwell on Design Breaks Attendance Records and Announces Global Expansion, K+BB

(June 2015) Dwell on Design's 10th annual show offered continuous content from more than 250 leaders in design, 2,000 modern furnishings and products from 400 exhibitors, and continuing education opportunities. Attendance in 2015 increased to a record 32,428 participants, and Dwell on Design recently announced plans for a global expansion.

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