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Fresh food. It nourishes so many parts of life.

Sub-Zero launched a new marketing initiative on April 11. The inspiration was one of our key philosophies: fresh food matters. It nourishes so many parts of life. When you use fresh food, you're touching on matters of health, family life, fitness, longevity, society, culture, the economy, the environment, history, ethics, and of course, the pure pleasure of enjoying something delicious.

There's a lot of conversation around fresh food in culture right now, and a lot of smart people with important things to say about all the aspects of life in which fresh food plays a part. But the information was fragmented. There was no single home for all the different perspectives, so Sub-Zero created one.

Our new microsite,, is at the center of the initiative. Visit the site to get inspired by our collection of smart tips and short films from people who believe fresh food matters.

Fresh thinking from intriguing people.

This series of short films showcases various perspectives regarding the impact of fresh food, for example:

Daphne Oz

Fresh, healthy food can be fun, happy food. That's a theme you'll hear a lot from Daphne, a natural-foods chef, mother of two, co-host of ABC's daily lifestyle show The Chew, and author of several books.

Lisa Leake

When this wife and mother of two began a quest to cut highly processed food out of her family's meals, it changed not only their lives but the lives of countless others through her blog and New York Times best-selling cookbook, 100 Days of Real Food.

Katie Stagliano

This South Carolina teen is on a mission to end hunger one garden at a time. Her nonprofit, Katie's Krops, provides grants to help youngsters age 9 to 18 start vegetable gardens and grow fresh food for those in need. They now operate 100 youth-run gardens in 37 states, donating thousands of pounds of fresh produce annually through food pantries, soup kitchens, and direct gifts.

Travis and Ryan Croxton

These cousins from Virginia never planned to reinvent oyster farming and, in the process, revive the ecosystem of Chesapeake Bay. One was working in finance, the other in publishing, when they inherited their grandfather's oyster leases. As they learned about the critical role of oysters in the environment and how endangered the bay's native oysters were, their modest plan to revive an old family business took on new life.

Chef Ann Cooper

Ann gave up a career as a celebrity chef to work for safe, sustainable food for schoolchildren. Known as the Renegade Lunch Lady, she now serves as director of food services for a Colorado school district, consults with school districts nationwide on how to overhaul their food programs, and leads the nonprofit Chef Ann Foundation.

Additional short films complete the series of 13, and all are available for viewing at Other features on the Fresh Food Matters site include:

  • What's fresh right now
    Your guide to the best fresh produce of the season and how to make the most of it, from our friends at SAVEUR Magazine. On the list for spring: bok choy, beets, and carrots among others.
  • The Naked Fridge
    Would you bare all? All the contents of your fridge, that is. These homeowners did.
  • How do you store that?
    Pick a fresh food. We'll show you how to keep at its best, the longest.
  • Help fight hunger in America
    Each time you use the hashtag #freshfoodmatters, Sub-Zero will donate $5 to Katie's Krops, up to $25,000. With 100 youth-run gardens, Katie's Krops is working to end hunger one garden at a time. The $25,000 you help raise will provide grants for kids to start 25 new gardens.
Sub-Zero Product News


Sub-Zero 36-inch integrated column freezer

Two years ago, Sub-Zero began the largest new product introduction in company history, totaling 23 model offerings and more than 90 SKUs. In order to accommodate such a massive amount of new product, the launch had to be broken down into three different waves. The latest launch in summer 2015 included the 36" all refrigerator column which brought the need for a matching 36" all freezer column.

Available Q3 2016, Sub-Zero will introduce the IC-36FI. Outstanding performance features will include a water filtration system for ice which reduces contaminants, chlorine taste and odor; and an automatic ice maker with max ice feature to increase production by an average of 30 percent for a 24-hour period. With the uniform 84" installation height, the exclusive design allows for toe kick heights to range from 2" to 6", and the patented three-axis door panel alignment system makes for easy installation and the ability to accommodate any design.

The IC-36FI offers expansive storage capacity with 20 cubic feet of usable space. The larger freezer column also offers LED lighting to illuminate the cavity for easy viewing. Match this column with any of Sub-Zero's integrated units to maintain a clean look and feel throughout your kitchen design.

Learn more

Wolf Product News

Introducing The Wolf Induction Range

Wolf Induction Range


In the past few years, induction cooking has been taking North America by storm. Both restaurant chefs and home cooks are excited by its many benefits: quick response, precise temperature control and energy efficiency, as well as a cooktop that stays relatively cool and cleans up easily.

Wolf's induction cooktops, introduced over a decade ago, have been popular with our customers, and also with designers, who value them for their sleek look as well as their outstanding performance. Now Wolf is preparing to bring another exciting product to market: the induction range, in 30" and 36" sizes.

This range truly has it all, with four quick-response induction zones on top (five on the 36"), and down below, a convection oven with ten cooking modes. Modes are bake, roast, broil, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, convection, bake stone, dehydrate and proof.

"Ranges are a huge category for Wolf," says Jeannine Washkuhn, Product Marketing Manager for Wolf. "Within that category, induction ranges are on an upward trend. For consumers who can't have gas in their homes, or are uncomfortable with gas, the induction cooktop on our range offers superb performance that rivals gas. It can raise or drop a boil almost instantaneously."

The rangetop offers the same outstanding high end to low end control as our standalone induction cooktops – precise enough to satisfy the most demanding chef. With Wolf's signature dual convection oven below, our induction range is second to none when it comes to all-around cooking performance.

One of the most exciting things about our new induction ranges is that no one else offers the 36" size. "It was a real engineering challenge," says Jeannine, "to minimize the amperage requirements while maintaining the power and performance of the range."

The induction range will be offered in both a professional model with red knobs, and a transitional model that will be the first Wolf range with transitional tubular handles to bring a more contemporary look into our offering. The choice of optional black or brushed stainless steel knobs will let designers integrate the new induction range into a variety of kitchen styles.

An important part of this story is how efficiently we've been able to develop these new ranges. "As of this time last year, an induction range wasn't even in the three-year product plan," says Jeannine. "Now we expect to have this product in consumer homes by the end of 2016." An all-out team effort by everyone at Wolf has managed to pull off this difficult feat. It indicates that we're making progress in shortening our development cycles for certain key products, which will allow us to react more swiftly and surely to important trends in the marketplace, and the changing wants and needs of our customers.

News from your distributor

Celebrate Summer by Attending the Outdoor Grill Cooking Demonstration in May 2016!

Sub-Zero and Wolf outdoor kitchen

Welcome the warmer months by attending the special outdoor grill demonstration specifically hosted for kitchen designers, interior designers, builders and architects on Thursday, May 26 at 5:30 p.m. Grab a drink, enjoy freshly prepared world class barbeque by Sub-Zero and Wolf Corporate Chef Craig Bell, and learn about the outdoor kitchen's growing popularity. Call 312-428-3160 to register for this trade-only event. Space is limited. The event will be held inside the Merchandise Mart's Green Space, rain or shine.

In conjunction with NeoCon, the Chicago Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom inside the Merchandise Mart will be hosting a CEU course on specifying appliances for custom luxury kitchens. This course is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. on Monday, June 13, 2016 and will last until approximately 2 p.m. Visit to register.

Both the Glendale Heights and Chicago (Merchandise Mart) Sub-Zero and Wolf showrooms feature the newly enhanced Sub-Zero built-in refrigeration units. Come see the enhanced, brighter LED lighting and internal water dispenser options in these built-in units by scheduling an appointment today!

On the Wolf side, the Merchandise Mart now has a live MM15T/S – the new 15" multifunction gas cooktop. With a center grate that can instantly change from a wok to a standard grate and a 22k Btu burner, this modular unit not only looks great installed in our cook line but also performs exceedingly well.

Keep your eye on the official websites of both Chicagoland showrooms for updated news and events:
Glendale Heights:, 630-872-5100
Chicago, inside the Merchandise Mart:, 312-428-3160

Sub-Zero Group Midwest also features Wolf Gourmet countertop appliances and kitchen tools, ASKO cleaning products and BEST ventilation.

Customer Experience


Sub-Zero and Wolf Factory Certified Sarvice

Today's Sub-Zero, Wolf and ASKO technicians do much more than fix appliances. Michael Fotiades, director of Clarke Customer Care, believes customer service is at the center of each and every service visit. Not only do they have the know-how to repair luxury appliances, our techs manage the customer experience as much with interpersonal savvy as with brand expertise and product knowledge.

Owners Mark Thomas, Thomas Service Company (Minn.), Kevin Camp, Tri-City Appliance (Ariz.) and Michael Fotiades, Clarke Customer Care (Mass.), may live in different parts of the country, but they all agree that their top techs have one outstanding quality - the ability to carry on a conversation with a customer and effectively manage a customer's expectations.

Just as Sub-Zero, Wolf and ASKO appliances set the bar high for the world's premier appliances, their technicians redefine how customers perceive their appliance repairman. Tech traits fall into two categories: Customer Experience and Brand Expertise. Both qualities are essential to uphold the industry's gold standard.

Customer Experience – the importance of soft skills

Soft skills such as professional communication, adaptability and problem-solving are absolute requirements. Sub-Zero, Wolf and ASKO technicians are well balanced and capable of handling multiple issues from managing time so the next customer's appointment isn't compromised, to bending over backwards to satisfy the customer's needs.

The biggest mistake the service-company owners cited was hiring techs who came with experience but didn't understand the Sub-Zero customer. The sophisticated Sub-Zero customer has extremely high standards and expects the same standards from the techs who repair their appliances.

"Our techs are well-spoken, well-mannered, hardworking and very loyal to both the customer and the brand," said Thomas. "Finding techs who embody these qualities takes patience and time, but when the right techs do present themselves, the reward is great all around."

Teamwork and collaboration must be ingrained into the day-to-day process, and open communication must be delivered at all levels. Customer demands have increased, and as a result, Sub-Zero, Wolf and ASKO technicians have adjusted to exceed these demands.

"The tech who takes time to establish a solid relationship gets the most compliments," said Camp. "If the customer likes you and you make a mistake, he'll forgive you because he understands there's a relationship."

The importance of honing a technician's soft skills positively affects everyone's bottom line. Service-company owners note that the techs who make the most money are also the ones who are best at cultivating relationships with the customer and understand how to foster the customer's positive emotions.

Brand Expertise – technology driven repair

Sub-Zero, Wolf and ASKO expertise must meet mechanical, electronic, physical and intellectual requirements. Technicians are mechanically inclined and computer savvy. They find fixing problems extremely satisfying and working on these premier appliances is a rewarding experience.

The brands’ customers expect techs not only to know how to fix the appliances but also how to use them. These customers ask more in-depth questions about use and care, and they want a deeper understanding of how their appliances work.

Hiring Technicians

In general, service-company owners believe training their own techs is the best way to hire. "Home-grown techs may not come on board with specific appliance experience, but they also don't have the baggage of some techs who've worked in other shops," said Camp. "Our in-house-trained techs instinctively over-serve the customer and understand from the get-go the importance of managing the customer relationship."

"Hire techs before you need them," advised Fotiades. "We interview people all year long, and if they have the personal and technical aptitudes we're looking for, we hire them on the spot."

There's no question that Sub-Zero technicians are asked to operate at a higher level than their non-luxury-servicing peers. In the highly specialized universe of appliance repair, Sub-Zero, Wolf and ASKO techs are the crème de la crème. They have no peers in knowledge, attitude, and work ethic. As the front-line emissary, they know how much rests on their shoulders to make every customer's experience a positive reflection on their employer, the manufacturer, and themselves. And they do it every time.

Industry Resources

New products from Sub-Zero and Wolf wow attendees at prestigious trade shows

Sub-Zero at the Arch Digest show

It isn't easy, capturing people's attention at the Architectural Digest Design Show and EuroCucina FTK. The Architectural Digest Design Show is the essential showcase for luxury design in New York, with over 300 exhibitors, while EuroCucina FTK in Milan, Italy features the top Italian and international brands, and the latest in cutting edge innovation, technology and design.

But the new Wolf induction range and 24"/60cm appliance collection drew positive responses from everyone who saw them.

"The design community especially seemed to love the sleek look of the induction range," says Brian Jones, Director of Product and Channel Marketing. "And people in general thought the new 24" products are ideal for the small kitchens you often find in the city."

Our 1000 sq. ft. booth at the Architectural Digest Design Show, held March 16-19 at Piers 92 and 94, was highlighted by the introduction of the first-ever Wolf induction range. Available this October, the range combines the speed and power of an induction cooktop with our signature dual convection oven, for the ultimate in all-around cooking performance. It will be offered in professional and transitional styles – the first time Wolf has offered a transitional style for its range – and in widths of either 30" or an industry exclusive 36".

We also showcased our full suite of Sub-Zero and Wolf 24"/60cm products, in greater demand than ever due to their popularity in smaller kitchens, especially those in multi-resident condominium and apartment buildings. Attendees were impressed by the new Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator and freezer columns with bright LED lighting and nano-coated shelving, especially the reveal of our newest addition to the column line – a refrigerator/freezer combination with a planned release of June 2017. Wolf products included the 24" built-in E series wall oven and 24" drop-down door microwave.

The Sub-Zero and Wolf booth for the Architectural Digest Design Show was split into three kitchen vignettes: transitional NYC loft, professional California kitchen and contemporary Chicago kitchen.

It was the 15th year for the Architecture Digest Design Show, which drew over 40,000 design aficionados and displayed everything from premium appliance brands to bath faucets and outdoor furnishings.

Across the pond, EuroCucina FTK took place April 12-17 with close to 200 exhibitors. It was the second time Sub-Zero and Wolf appeared at the show, and reaction to our products was enthusiastic.

"We had a much larger footprint at EuroCucina," says Brian, "five times larger than our space at Architecture Digest, so we were able to display a wider range of products, including the PRO 48, specialty modules and even outdoor kitchen appliances. The reaction couldn't have been more positive."

Appropriately at EuroCucina FTK, we debuted our suite of 24"/60cm products, which work so well in smaller kitchens, and with custom European cabinetry. Products on display including the newly announced combination column, 24" drop-down door microwave, coffee systems, 60cm convection steam oven and 60cm built-in wall oven.

Sign up for future product updates to stay informed of the official release dates of all these exciting new Sub-Zero and Wolf products!

Inside the Industry


Check Out the Cool Appliances We Saw at the Architectural Digest Show, CNET

(March 21, 2016) CNET reporter Ashlee Clark Thompson published a gallery of her top appliances seen at the 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show. The Wolf M series built-in oven was included in her list, where she noted specifically that she was drawn to the handle-less design.

Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest - The Big Winners, Life of an Architect

(February 11, 2016) As part of an ongoing partnership with Bob Borson, the architect's final KDC blog post centered on the Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest Summit and Gala. Borson recapped his previous posts on the contest, summarized the networking and panel activities from the summit in Scottsdale and featured each first- and second-place global winner. He included photos and feedback from the judges for each winning design and closed his post by announcing the call for entries to the 2015-2016 Kitchen Design Contest.

Kitchen Design Contest Winners and Forecast Results Announced, Kitchen + Bath Business

(January 25, 2016) The feature includes photos from the 2016 Design Forecast event, survey findings and an overview of the trends gathered, as well as quotes and project overviews for Kitchen Design Contest global winners Mikal Otten, Bill Suk and Dovide Secter.

Kitchen Design Trends Forecast, Pro Remodeler

(January 21, 2016) Following the release of the Sub-Zero and Wolf 2016 Kitchen Design Forecast, Pro Remodeler compiled the survey results and event insights into an article, summarizing what's in, what's out and other emerging design considerations. The article includes the survey methodology and highlights the Kitchen Design Contest.

12 Hot Trends in Kitchen Appliances,

(January 2016) In this product trend roundup from HGTV, the Wolf convection steam oven is featured (slide 4) to represent the growing trend of cooking with steam. The article discusses how the convection steam oven combines steam and convection cooking to ensure consumers get the results they want.

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