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Virtual Product Showcase

This showcase offers an introduction to our newest products, described firsthand by the consumers, chefs, and experts who brought the designs to life. It’s an in-depth look at our obsession with crafting high-caliber, specialized appliances and memorable experiences.

Enjoy on-demand viewing of the entire showcase below or explore individual collections of video featurettes, photo galleries, and new features for each product line.

2021 Showcase

Explore the latest

Absolutely seamless

Tailored to fit every need, convenience, space, and style, this diverse suite is truly “anywhere refrigeration” that flawlessly integrates into any home.

Elevated performance, elegant profile

Enhanced cooking performance ensures consistently delicious results while design-friendly aesthetics integrate beautifully into a gamut of kitchens styles.

Sleeker and smarter than ever

Discover the pinnacle of Wolf cooking technology within a completely restyled, stunningly modern shell.

An icon—reimagined

Professional heritage, iconic aesthetics, and innovative performance unite in Wolf’s boldest and entirely revamped cooking package.