30" Integrated and Built-In Wine Storage Humidor

Core Issue:

  • What kind of wood is the humidor accessory made from?
  • How to install a humidor kit in an Integrated Wine unit
  • Where to purchase Integrated Wine Storage or Built-In Wine Storage (BW-30) humidor
  • Instruction sheet part number 7030828 for humidor accessory part numbers 7040181, 7040426
  • How to use hygrometer shipped with Sub-Zero humidor
  • Hygrometer part number 7040971


30" Integrated and Built-In Wine Storage Humidor Installation Instructions detail the installation process.

  • For use with 30" Integrated and BW-30 Wine Storage models only.
  • Humidor kit includes all supplies needed for the first year of use including:
    • Humidor wine rack
    • Humidor
    • Hygrometer
    • Hygrometer Instructions
    • Wine rack molding trim
    • 12-pack of 72% humidity packets
    • 2-pack of 84% humidity packets
  • The humidor exterior is select cherrywood.
  • The interior liner is Spanish cedar, which absorbs humidity well.
  • A new hygrometer may be ordered using part number 7040971 if needed.
  • Refer to Humidor Humidity for more information. Humidity packs are not sold separately by Sub-Zero.
  • Remove a wine storage rack and place the humidor in the slot the rack came from.
  • 100+ cigar capacity, varies by cigar size.
  • The handmade humidor is 21-3/8" wide x 11-1/4" deep x approximately 3-3/16" high (the top lid is 1-3/8" high and the bottom is 1-13/16" high with a minimal gap between top and bottom).
  • Humidor lid opens to 95° maximum.
  • Sub-Zero does not recommend storing other high humidity products in the humidor.
  • Several humidors can be used in a single unit if desired.
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