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The three pillars of food preservation




Three Pillars of Food Preservation

There’s more to preservation than keeping food cold. Sub-Zero integrated products guard freshness by addressing the three pillars of food preservation.

Temperature control

Consistency counts for a lot in keeping food fresh longer. Sub-Zero’s microprocessor controls monitor the refrigerator’s interior temperature and hold it within one degree of the temperature you set. A new, more advanced seal around all four sides of the door, so sophisticated it’s patented, locks in cold air and holds down energy use.

Sub-Zero vastly outperforms standard refrigeration in maintaining consistent temperature - keeping food fresh.

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Proper humidity

Fresh foods need chilly, humid air to stay fresh. Frozen foods require frigid, dry air to preserve flavor. Yet the typical refrigerator-freezer compromises, using a single compressor to attempt both jobs; refrigerator and freezer share air — too dry for fresh foods, too humid for frozen.

Sub-Zero doesn’t compromise. Dual refrigeration — separate, sealed systems for refrigerator and freezer — ensures optimum preservation conditions for each type of food. And a special seal on the produce drawers creates what we call a “crisper crisper” to preserve the goodness of fresh vegetables even longer.

Purified air

Many fresh foods (apples chief among them) emit ethylene gas, a natural compound that hastens spoilage.

Sub-Zero integrated refrigerators have an antimicrobial air purification system, based on NASA technology, that scrubs the air of ethylene as well as mold, viruses, and bacteria.


Temperature Control

The crisper crisper

Delicate greens and other fresh vegetables love humid, chilly air. The produce drawer in Sub-Zero integrated refrigerators provides a higher-humidity zone, in effect a separate refrigerator within the refrigerator, that keeps those greens crisp and brightly flavored longer.

Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator drawers

Filtered water, internal dispenser

Some filters give water a flat, sterile taste. Not ours. The advanced filtration system preserves water’s refreshing flavor while reducing chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and suspended particles. An internal dispenser keeps an endless supply of filtered, chilled water close at hand without detracting from the clean, integrated look of the exterior.

Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator drawers

Freshness is in the cards

To help you make the most of all this innovative food preservation technology, freshness cards inside the refrigerator show you the optimum storage location for each type of food. They even tell you which foods not to refrigerate — tomatoes, for example.

Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator drawers

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