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Sub-Zero Redesigns Refrigerator with Ice and Water Dispensing

Company's high-end refrigeration products continue with Models 685 and 695

Madison, WI (April 2, 2004) - Sub-Zero Freezer Company, the leading manufacturer of residential refrigeration and wine storage units, announced today that its side-by-side refrigerator/freezer with ice and water dispensing has gone through an overall redesign, resulting in a sleek look, which is more appealing to homeowners.

The new models are scheduled to hit retail showrooms in June and replace the 680 and 690 models. The 685 unit is 42 inches wide and offers 15.6 cubic feet of refrigerator storage and 8.2 cubic feet of freezer storage. The 695 unit is 48 inches wide and presents 18.2 cubic feet of refrigerator storage and 9.8 cubic feet of freezer storage.

"With our upgrades, homeowners now have the option of custom panel overlay in addition to the more traditional framed and stainless models that had been offered," said Jim Bakke, president and chief executive officer for Sub-Zero and Wolf. "Our ice and water dispensing units have been solid components of Sub-Zero's 600 Series, and our new design innovations make the product more attractive while still maintaining Sub-Zero's high standards of product performance and functionality."

The vertical design of the product is kept in balance with the glasswell placed discreetly on the refrigerator side, allowing vertical panels to complement the vertical lines of the unit. Because of the size and placement of the glasswell, homeowners do not have the large dispenser staring at them from the freezer side and cabinetry panels are kept to two instead of three, reducing the expense of creating additional panels.

The addition of a blue LED light with a simple, one-touch switch mechanism casts truer, even lighting to aid the user in ice dispensing. An additional feature offered with the 685 and 695 is the availability of bulk ice from a dispenser inside the refrigerator door, and the extra deep glasswell accommodates large glasses. Because the Sub-Zero unit has the water reservoir built into the refrigerator cavity, homeowners can automatically obtain chilled water. The units are equipped with the standard features of Sub-Zero's 600 Series, including the Stainless Steel finish choices of Classic, Platinum and Carbon, as well as overlay or framed. As with all Sub-Zero products, the 685 and 695 provide homeowners with exceptional food preservation, as electronic controls offer more accurate, precise temperature adjustment, maintaining the temperature to plus or minus one degree of the homeowner's choice.

Sub-Zero features the dual refrigeration system, where separate compressors maintain optimum conditions in both the refrigerator and freezer. No air, moisture or food aroma circulates between the two compartments. An adaptive defrost also helps save energy by continuously adjusting to usage patterns and climate needs. Built by hand with the Sub-Zero refrigeration system at its heart, both the 685 and 695 units meet stringent energy requirements.
Use a Factory Certified installer and receive an extra year of full warranty.