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Wolf Appliance Company Announces New Cooktop Models and Upgrades

LAS VEGAS and MADISON, Wis. (May 8, 2007) – Wolf Appliance Co., a leading manufacturer of premium cooking appliances, today unveiled new 30-inch and 36-inch induction cooktop models and announced electric cooktop upgrades in its 15-, 30- and 36-inch models, underscoring Wolf’s continued commitment to industry innovation and leadership.

“We are dedicated to providing our customers with a full range of cooking equipment that combines exceptional cooking performance with professional style at home,” says Jim Bakke, president and chief executive officer of Wolf Appliance Co. “We feel that these new and updated products allow for a more complete and diversified kitchen, specially outfitted to suit the needs of our customers.”

In 2005, Wolf was one of the first manufacturers to re-introduce induction cooktops to the American market. Induction cooking uses the transfer of magnetic energy rather than flames or electric elements to generate heat. When an iron or magnetic pan is placed on the cooktop, electricity passes through coils beneath the glass surface to produce a magnetic field that heats the pan directly. Within this magnetic field, molecules in the pan vibrate at very high frequencies, and the friction creates instant heat. The result: the cookware is the heating element.

This year, the company has expanded upon that line to include new size options, key features and design elements. For example, the new induction models incorporate cookware-sensing technology that will automatically turn a cooking zone off after 30 seconds if an induction-compatible pot is not detected.

The 15-inch model, as well as the new 30- and 36-inch induction cooktop models, will boast the following features:

  • Speed: Because heating and adjustments are immediate, cooking can be more than 50 percent faster than traditional cooking methods.
  • Controllability: With more than 10 levels of power on every element, homeowners can keep sauces and melt chocolate at 50 watts of power or, with the touch of a finger, activate the “Hi-Power” feature to boil water in half the normal time. The even distribution of heat also insures that there are no hot or burn spots.
  • Safety: Since less heat is released into the room with an induction cooktop, this means a cooler kitchen and a cooler cooktop. This, in turn, leads to increased safety, since heat is generated only when cookware is present. Nearby spoons and forks will not be heated, and there are fewer risks of burned fingers. The controls include a lock feature and a singular “hot” indicator to help ensure child safety.
  • Simplicity: The surface does not heat up, so overflows and spills do not stick or burn, and the glass top can easily be wiped down. Also, with a timer countdown, enhanced diagnostics and easier installation options, the new 30- and 36-inch – and updated 15-inch – models are all effortlessly functional.

The upgraded electric cooktops, which will be available late fall 2007, incorporate several new features that make for sleeker design and ease of use, such as a new bridge element; updated ceramic tops where the element surfaces are no longer

outlined in off-white circles, but subtly implied; countdown timers with a one to 99 minute range; and improved diagnostics. All control panel key presses result in a confirmation tone, and may be adjusted in both volume and frequency.

Triple elements, standard on existing 36-inch models, will now be available on 15- and 30-inch models. These concentric rings deliver even, consistent temperature control for pots and pans of all sizes. The new bridge element mentioned above has been incorporated on 30 and 36-inch models. This bridge heats or bridges the space between elements to accommodate large fish pots and griddles.

New electric cooktop models will still incorporate Wolf’s True Melt and True Simmer settings for the utmost in temperature control. With the True Simmer feature, standard on all elements, sauces or stews can be simmered for hours at 200 degrees without boiling or scorching. True Melt is a feature that comes standard on one element and allows the user to melt items such as butter or chocolate at a temperature of 120 degrees.

For more information regarding Wolf Appliance, visit or call 1-800-332-9513.

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