Remove and Clean Pro Ventilation Hood Filters and Grease Cups

Core Issue:

  • How do you remove the filters or grease cups on a Pro Ventilation Series Hood?
  • How to remove, reinsert or install the hood baffle filters
  • How do you reinsert, reinstall, insert or install the grease cups on a Pro Ventilation Hood?
  • Where are the grease cups located?
  • Grease dripping, leaking from the hood light fixture or filters


Ventilation filters and grease cups should be cleaned approximately every month; however, filters and grease cups may need to be cleaned more often if cooking style generates large amounts of grease, like frying foods or wok cooking.

  • Do not operate the ventilation hood without the filters. This may cause damage to the blower or other internal components of the hood.
  • Gloves should be worn.
  • Contact a Professional Cleaning Service in your area for further cleaning of grease from ventilation systems.
  • Do not remove or disassemble an internal blower motor to clean. Wipe exterior of the motor with degreaser sprayed into a cloth if needed.

Remove Filters and Grease Cup(s):

  1. Press upward then rotate/pull bottom of the filter outward.
    • Press up on the side of the filter closest to the controls.
    • To aide in removal, remove center filter first.
    • Filters are dishwasher safe.
    • Over time harsh detergents can cause pitting if washing in the dishwasher regularly.
    • Filters can be cleaned with a spray degreaser.
  2. Remove grease cup(s) from bottom edge of hood (not included with pro hood liners).
    • Carefully lift the grease cups up and out of the bottom track. Use caution not to spill any grease that may have accumulated in the cups.
  3. If grease is dripping from the lights, side of the wall or running down the wall:
    • Remove light bulbs and clean with a degreaser and a soft cloth.
    • Wipe the inside edge of the hood, and any surface inside the hood with a soft rag with the filters removed.
    • Clean frequently to avoid dripping when grease cups are not present.
    • Grease may also be coming from the duct work if unit is used frequently especially for greasy cooking.
    • Grease cups may not catch all grease no matter where they are aligned; wipe inside edges of hood to clean ledge with each cleaning.

Install Grease Cup(s) and Filters:

  1. Insert the grease cup(s) into the bottom edge of the hood. The triangular part of the grease cup faces the rear of the hood.
  2. Hold the filter with lines running vertical, filter knobs facing out of the hood, and lift into position.
  3. Angle the top edge of the filter into place, then while pressing up, rotate the bottom edge into position.
  4. The outer filters may need to be pushed over while the center filter is installed.
  5. Adjust the filters to fill the space by sliding filters left to right.

Some older hood models have clips not knobs, but install the same way.

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