Customer Care

You may never have a reason to call us. But if you do, we'll treat you to customer care as exceptional as our products.

Ask us anything. Any time.


Experience exceptional support and join the loyal following that we call family.


We are a family-owned company, and as a Sub-Zero or Wolf owner, you are part of our family. For generations, we have dedicated ourselves to exceeding customer expectations through exceptional products and service. It’s that dedication that sets us apart, and provides additional assurance that owning Sub-Zero and Wolf will be satisfying for you.

For us, the sale is just the beginning of your customer experience. Whether you need assistance with the use, care or service of your appliances, our Customer Care team is here to ensure that your products always function at the highest level.


Here’s what sets our people apart:

  • Available 24/7, ready to help whenever you need us
  • Empowered to resolve any issues you may have to your true satisfaction
  • Highly trained in our products
  • Located in Madison, Wisconsin, just footsteps from our factory, with access to products and technical experts
  • Naturally friendly and helpful, with empathy and problem solving in their DNA
  • Connected to the best Sub-Zero and Wolf trained independent service companies and installation companies, so you have access to qualified support