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A more beautiful, and functional, interior

Design enhancements make the interior of Sub-Zero integrated products look and perform better than ever.

Refined touchscreen
control panel

Soft, bright, and cool LED lighting

Nano-coated shelves to hold spills in place

More transparent surfaces for a clean “crystal” look

Adjustable drawer dividers for customized storage

Soft-close doors and drawers that seal tighter and have a fine-cabinetry feel

A disappearing refrigerator?

Three generations ago, Sub-Zero introduced refrigerators and freezers that were the same depth as standard kitchen counters.

We’ve been improving on the concept ever since — notably through our line of integrated products that can be customized with panels and handles to blend so seamlessly with other cabinets, they can literally disappear into the décor.

The most integrated models and sizes

Choices and more choices.

No brand comes close to Sub-Zero in offering so many full-size and undercounter options in integrated refrigeration — more than 20 sizes and configurations, with widths from a slender 24" to a roomy 36". Think ultimate kitchen customization.

Endless creative possibilities.

Integrated over-and-under refrigerator/freezers, all refrigerator and all freezer models, and undercounter drawers may be installed individually or in pairs, trios, or any custom configuration you can imagine — in the kitchen or any other room.

"Anywhere" refrigeration.

Undercounter drawers now come in more widths (24", 27", 30", 36"). Use them wherever refrigeration can serve your household, such as in the kitchen island or even in the master suite, home gym, or study.

Built for seamless integration

Developed in consultation with leading members of the kitchen design community, Sub-Zero integrated refrigeration meets the high standards of those exacting professionals (and their clients). Precise manufacturing tolerances permit installation with a mere 1/8" reveal between appliance and surrounding cabinets. The new integrated models even have a simplified system for achieving perfectly aligned installation of custom cabinet panels — another reason for designers and installers to love Sub-Zero as much as homeowners do.

Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator drawers

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