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  • The oven that took the
    world by storm

  • Your rangetop: A study in control and convenience

  • Dual fuel design–so many delicious choices

Dual convection–a Wolf innovation

Use dual convection for virtually any baking, roasting, or broiling you do. You’ll see (and taste) levels of consistency and guesswork-free precision you never knew were possible. That’s because of an innovative technology, exclusive to Wolf, that uses two fans and multiple heating elements to control heat and airflow more precisely and produce more uniform temperature without the hot and cool spots common with less sophisticated single convection systems. Bake three racks of cookies without even having to rotate the trays.

Dual convection illustration

10 modes–what’s ideal for every dish

Most ovens treat different cooking processes–baking and roasting, a pie or a prime rib–as if they were the same. Far from it. The Wolf dual convection oven offers 10 cooking modes, so every preparation you create gets exactly the heat and airflow it needs for delicious results. Select a mode such as convection roast, enter a temperature with the control knob or keypad, and voilà. Deliciousness is on the way...

Thinking like a cooking specialist

Some Wolf innovations are high-tech. Others simply reflect the practical thinking of people who make only cooking products. Bright, well-placed halogen oven lights to give you a true picture. A self-clean feature that really cleans. Racks that slide smoothly, including a bottom rack that glides all the way out, solidly supported by the oven door, for easy access to large roasts or your holiday turkey.

Dual fuel range with door open and interior lights on

Wolf 30" Dual Fuel Range

The Wolf 30" Dual Fuel Range features a rangetop with four dual-stacked burners (sealed for easy clean-up), and a dual convection oven with 10 cooking modes. Choose black or signature Wolf red control knobs.
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Wolf 36" Dual Fuel Range

The Wolf 36" Dual Fuel Range features a variety of top configurations and standard dual-stacked surface burners. Custom rangetop configurations include the optional steel griddle or infrared charbroiler. Below, a Wolf dual convection oven provides 10 cooking modes and a distinctive cobalt blue interior.
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Wolf 48" Dual Fuel Range

With a combined capacity of seven cubic feet between the separated large and small ovens, the Wolf 48" Dual Fuel Range offers the space and flexibility for all of your cooking needs. The expansive rangetop is available in five configurations, with options including an infrared charbroiler or griddle, and the versatile French Top.
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Wolf 60" Dual Fuel Range

The 60" Dual Fuel Range gives you the power, control and maximum space of a dual convection double oven. Durably-constructed, professionally-styled, with 10 cooking modes available in each oven and a five rangetop configurations to choose from.
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