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Heat: Doubly worth defeating

Most wine drinkers believe they protect their bottles from heat by storing within their home or refrigerator. However, even wine stored inside these places can suffer from temperature swings —for example if the sun shines on a wine rack for part of each day. The wine may continuously warm up and cool down, spoiling your wine in the process. Temperature can also be the enemy of the enjoyment of wine. You might be surprised what "too high" means when it comes to serving temperature. Today’s normal room temperature of 70-plus degrees is too warm for reds. Only at cooler serving temperatures, typically in the low to mid 60s, will the flavor of red wine be balanced.

A dramatization of a wine bottle being heated

How Sub-Zero helps you enjoy wine more

A Tasting Tip from Eddie Osterland, Master Sommelier

How do you keep your balance? Stay cool. In wine, the term “balance” refers to the equilibrium of wine’s three main flavor elements: sourness, sweetness, and bitterness. Have you ever tasted a good red wine that had a harsh alcohol “bite”? It was too warm. Sweetness, crucial to balancing acidic bite, is accentuated by chilling. In fact, the alcohol actually contributes pleasingly to a wine’s sweetness — if it’s cool enough. Most red wines have ideal balance at around 65°F.

To do right by your wines (and by your guests), make sure wines are stored at steady temperatures. Chill reds into the high 50s or low 60s. By the time you open, decant, and pour, the wine will have reached the ideal temperature for enjoyment.
- Eddie Osterland,
Master Sommelier
La Jolla, California

Sub-Zero: Temperature control and more of it

Sub-Zero wine storage units have up to three independently controlled storage zones. Dial in the temperature you desire for each zone and electronic controls hold it rock steady. To protect your wine investment as well as your enjoyment of your wines, the storage unit may be tied into your home security system.

Control panel indicating two temperature zones

Sub-Zero 315W Wine Storage

For those areas, where you may not have room for larger wine storage, the single-zone undercounter Sub-Zero 315W Wine Storage model comes in the overlay or classic stainless steel design application with a full-view glass door."
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Sub-Zero 424 Freestanding Wine Storage

You now have the luxury of storing your wine within an arm’s reach in any room of your home without having to worry about building the unit into cabinetry."
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Sub-Zero 424 Wine Storage

Our most compact wine storage unit stores up to 46 bottles. Like its larger counterparts, the Sub-Zero 424 Wine Storage has two zones with temperatures precisely controlled by microprocessors."
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Sub-Zero 427 Wine Storage

Large capacity (up to 132 bottles) in a unit that integrates seamlessly into your home décor.
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Sub-Zero 427R Wine Storage

The Sub-Zero 427R wine storage unit offers eight shelves of wine storage above with two bulk storage drawers below.
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Sub-Zero WS-30 Wine Storage

Our largest wine storage unit, the Sub-Zero WS-30 can house up to 147 bottles — 50 in the upper zone, 97 in the lower.
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