Sub-Zero PreservationWolf
  • Far more than just a wine chiller

  • Shutting out wine's enemies

  • The ideal pairing

Light: A full spectrum of protection

Dark bottles afford some protection for the wine inside, but invisible ultraviolet light still gets through. One answer is to store your wine in utter darkness — but how satisfying is that? Sub-Zero shields wine from harmful rays with UV-resistant, bronze-tinted glass. Your wine will be both beautifully protected and gloriously displayed.

Sub-Zero wine storage protects wine from ultraviolet light
Excessive light can be a factor in artificial aging of wine and can also contribute to color instability, the advent of browning and haziness. Protecting wine from light, then, is critical to preventing defects in its appearance, taste, and smell – ensuring longevity and preserving the integrity of the style and character the winemaker intended.
- Dave Phinney, winemaker,
Orin Swift Cellars, Napa, California

Humidity: Neither too little nor too much

When it comes to humidity, wine appreciates moderation. To keep corks from drying out and letting the wine oxidize, Sub-Zero technology ensures sufficient moisture in the air. But not too much. As one professional points out, an excess of humidity can create problems of its own.

Sub-Zero wine storage keeps humidity at appropriate levels
As wine director and sommelier, it is vital to me to ensure the details that help customers fully enjoy their evening. The preservation of wine is a good starting point. If bottles are stored in a place that is too humid, labels can come unstuck or, even worse, be ruined. This is the reason why we chose Sub-Zero. Its technology ensures the proper humidity to keep the wine in good condition, inside and outside.
- Angelo Di Costanzo,
Head Sommelier,
Capri Palace Hotel & Spa,
Anacapri, Italy

Vibration: Bottles need to be babied

A rough, noisy compressor would disturb not only the wine; it would disturb the peace of your household. Sub-Zero’s exceptionally quiet compressor rests on isolation mounts to minimize sound and vibration. Bottles are cradled on rustproof, coated shelves that glide out smoothly on a roller assembly, further protecting against agitation.

Sub-Zero wine storage protects wine from agitation
At Sotheby’s, we only offer wines that are in the very best condition. So whenever we are inspecting wines for a potential sale, among other things we are looking to determine that the wines have seen proper storage. Vibration can be a problem, disturbing sediment that should be settled inside the bottle. Sediment constantly circulating throughout the wine can cause problems with aging and oxidation.
- Duncan Sterling,
VP and Head of
New York Auctions,
Sotheby’s Wine

Sub-Zero 315W Wine Storage

For those areas, where you may not have room for larger wine storage, the single-zone undercounter Sub-Zero 315W Wine Storage model comes in the overlay or classic stainless steel design application with a full-view glass door."
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Sub-Zero 424 Freestanding Wine Storage

You now have the luxury of storing your wine within an arm’s reach in any room of your home without having to worry about building the unit into cabinetry."
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Sub-Zero 424 Wine Storage

Our most compact wine storage unit stores up to 46 bottles. Like its larger counterparts, the Sub-Zero 424 Wine Storage has two zones with temperatures precisely controlled by microprocessors."
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Sub-Zero 427 Wine Storage

Large capacity (up to 132 bottles) in a unit that integrates seamlessly into your home décor.
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Sub-Zero 427R Wine Storage

The Sub-Zero 427R wine storage unit offers eight shelves of wine storage above with two bulk storage drawers below.
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Sub-Zero WS-30 Wine Storage

Our largest wine storage unit, the Sub-Zero WS-30 can house up to 147 bottles — 50 in the upper zone, 97 in the lower.
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