Electric? High performance? Believe it! Wolf electric cooktops are not only safe, energy efficient and easy to clean, but also deliver plenty of cooking power and performance. All elements feature True Simmer, a setting that holds sauces and stews below the boiling point, and one element even includes a lower, one-touch Melt setting for foods like fine chocolate.

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Pots of all sizes welcome here

One night you’re boiling a big pot of spaghetti for the soccer team. The next night, simmering a sweet, tangy sauce for your salmon. And you’re doing it on the same versatile 12-inch triple heating element. Its three concentric heating zones give you an impressive range of power, going from high heat for fast boils down to a True Simmer setting for delicate soups and sauces. But it also provides exceptional control for cookware of all sizes, from that big spaghetti pot to the most petite saucepan. How many cooktops deliver that kind of convenience?


Simmer (and caramelize) like a chef

High Btu's are easy. It’s low-end control that distinguishes the true gourmet cooking instrument. All elements on Wolf electric cooktops feature True Simmer, a setting that holds sauces and stews below the boiling point, and keeps caramelizing sugar from burning before your eyes. One element includes an even lower, one-touch melt setting. It uses an innovative technology called high frequency pulsation to produce ultra-low heat for delicate foods such as chocolate. No scorching, no worries. 

Three Available Widths

30" and 36" models have two trim options.

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