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Press Release

Wolf Appliance Company Introduces Convection Microwave Oven

New product provides faster, more versatile cooking

Madison, Wisc. (April 2, 2004) - Two kitchen necessities and favorites, the convection oven and the microwave, are now available in one convenient product from Wolf Appliance Company. A leading manufacturer of luxury cooking appliances, Wolf today announced a new convection microwave oven that will be available beginning second quarter of 2004. The convection microwave oven will replace Wolf's former standard microwave.

The convection microwave oven is available as a freestanding or built-in unit with 1.5 cubic feet of capacity and 900 watts of power. Wolf offers both 30- and 36-inch trim kits in three finishes: classic stainless steel and premium stainless finishes of platinum and carbon. Homeowners have the choice to mount the unit into a cabinet or wall by itself, or above a matching oven to achieve a particular decorating style.

"We have taken the experience gained from our microwave ovens and combined that with the expertise of convection cooking to bring the best of both cooking technologies together in one unit," said Jim Bakke, president and chief executive officer for Wolf Appliances and Sub-Zero Freezer Company.

The fusion of convection and microwave cooking methods allows any food to be perfectly cooked because of the number of cooking mode choices: microwave only, automatic mix, convection only or broil. During convection heating, hot air is circulated throughout the oven cavity to brown and crisp foods quickly and evenly, producing juicier meats and moister cakes, whereas microwave cooking simply decreases the cooking time. Another benefit of the convection oven is the ability to use aluminum foil without unevenly deflecting heat or creating sparks.

The oven can be programmed for ten different convection cooking temperatures for up to four hours. A removable high baking rack for convection and low mix allows for two-level cookings, such as layer cakes and muffins.

The oven has an easy to operate control panel and programmable power options with an interactive display, and Wolf's Sensor cooking adjusts cooking times and power levels for various foods and quantities by detecting the vapor emitted from food as it heats. The oven also comes with a child lock feature to prevent unwanted oven operation, multi-language options of English, Spanish and French and a turntable that rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise. As with all Wolf products, the unit has a full two-year warranty and limited second through fifth year warranty.
Use a Factory Certified installer and receive an extra year of full warranty.