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Sub-Zero Introduces New 736 All Refrigerator

Madison , Wis. (April. 21, 2006) – Sub-Zero Freezer Co., the leading manufacturer of residential refrigeration and wine storage, announced today the introduction of the all-refrigerator Model 736TR. This unit, an expansion of the company’s successful line of integrated refrigeration, the 700 Series, combines the quality performance and design versatility that have become hallmarks of Sub-Zero.

The 736TR is comprised of an upper cabinet door refrigerator and two refrigerator drawers below. Dual evaporators allow for different temperatures for the separate door and drawer compartments. These compartments are regulated by electronic controls for greater precision, maintaining the temperature to plus or minus one degree and ensuring exceptional food preservation.

“Consumers love our other all-refrigerator models, but they were asking for an even larger, full-size, integrated unit,” said Jim Bakke, president and chief executive officer for Sub-Zero and Wolf. “With a combined storage space of 21 cubic feet, the 736 TR is the largest single unit and it truly delivers on Sub-Zero’s commitment to serving customers.”

Built by hand with the Sub-Zero refrigeration system at its heart, this new unit offers homeowners limitless organizational flexibility with features such as: adjustable glass, spill-proof shelves, door shelves, deli compartment, dairy compartment and a portable egg tray. In addition, there is a crisper lid that fits either drawer to afford optimal preservation for specific foods.

Sub-Zero’s 700 Series initiated the integrated refrigeration trend in 1995. Beyond simple built-in refrigeration, integrated refrigeration complements the overall design integrity of a room. While built-in units are incorporated into a room design with a front face that may be stainless steel or custom overlay, a fully integrated unit merges into the décor, blending seamlessly and fitting flush with the other cabinets and drawers throughout the kitchen.

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