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Sub-Zero Launches New Built-In Refrigerator Series

CHICAGO and MADISON, Wis. (April 8, 2008) – Sub-Zero, Inc., the industry leader in premium refrigeration and wine storage equipment, announced a complete overhaul of its popular line of design-focused, built-in models. The revamped line, available this fall, underscores Sub-Zero’s commitment to design flexibility with new creative options and builds on the company’s expertise in food preservation with groundbreaking new features.

In the 1950s, Sub-Zero made an indelible stamp on the world of kitchen design by pioneering built-in refrigeration. The concept of built-in models was designed to fit them within surrounding cabinetry. Over the years, Sub-Zero has redefined built-in refrigeration to fit the changing needs of designers and homeowners alike. The redesigned, built-in line continues this trend.

“For more than 60 years, Sub-Zero has specialized in residential refrigeration, and we continually work to improve our products and technologies to better serve our customers,” said Jim Bakke, president and CEO of Sub-Zero. “The new built-in lineup is a testament to Sub-Zero’s dedication to food preservation, design and freshness.”

The heart and soul of the new built-ins continues to be Sub-Zero’s freshness preservation system, the foundation of which is a dual-compressor operating system. The system separately controls the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator and freezer compartments, and it holds preset temperatures within an exceptional plus-or-minus one-degree. This precise, independent control of the refrigerator and freezer compartments ensures the highest air quality and therefore, fresh food and energy efficiency. Sub-Zero pioneered this process.

Extensive research conducted by Sub-Zero engineers and food-industry consultants shows that air quality has a huge impact on food freshness, as do humidity and temperature. To address this concern, Sub-Zero’s redesigned built-in line incorporates a new process to purify the air in the refrigerator.

The entire volume of air in the refrigerator is “scrubbed” via the air purification system an average of once every 20 minutes to eliminate odors, viruses and bacteria – as well as the ethylene gases that hasten ripening and, ultimately, food spoilage. The system is commercially proven through wholesale food distributors, the medical community and the wine industry.

“Now more than ever, people are conscious of eating healthier,” said Michele Bedard, vice president of marketing for Sub-Zero, Inc. “Through market testing and an ongoing dialogue with our customers, we recognize the continuing lifestyle shift to local and organic food consumption. By incorporating new technologies into our built-in refrigerators, we are ensuring that consumers can preserve their fresh food longer.”

For the first time in a refrigerator, the new built-in series incorporates a water filter unlike any other. The Sub-Zero system takes filtration to a higher level by reducing viruses and bacteria that may be present from water and ice. Refrigerator water filters typically reduce chlorine and sediment, but Sub-Zero’s new design takes filtration a step further. The new microbiological water filter reduces any contaminants in household water while preserving the fresh taste of clean water and ice. Currently, Sub-Zero is the only built-in manufacturer to incorporate this type of water filtration technology.

Within the unit itself is a freshness guide that provides easy-access reference to proper storage for fruits, vegetables and even holiday leftovers. A second card offers important use-and-care information. Using research done by food scientists at the University of California, Davis, Sub-Zero has also authored a booklet to educate consumers on how to store food properly in their new builtin refrigerator. This booklet will come packed inside every unit leaving the Sub-Zero plant.

The interior of the new built-in line has been updated to include brighter lighting; crisper drawers with an improved glide system for easy, full extension; a more intuitive digital control panel that is easy to use; and door shelves that can be adjusted in one-inch increments to maximize storage. The exterior of Sub-Zero’s built-in line offers a complete set of design options for all its models. The new built-in models will be available in the following four options:

  • Flush Inset: This entirely new option allows models to be installed completely flush with surrounding cabinetry. A redesigned door hinge gives these units a smaller profile and facilitates inset installation. Flush inset models can accept Classic Stainless, Platinum Stainless or Carbon Stainless Steel panels, or they can be fitted with custom panels.
  • Stainless Steel: These units, which come finished in Sub-Zero’s Classic Stainless Steel, come out of the box ready to complement any commercial-style kitchen. They have a new ventilation grille for a more professional look.
  • Framed: This option allows the consumer to slide a custom cabinetry panel into an existing frame so that the refrigerator door can better match the surrounding kitchen design. These models have a new extruded handle and redesigned classic Sub-Zero louvered grilles.
  • Overlay: This option includes the ability to incorporate cabinet panels and custom handles of the consumer’s choice into the doors and grille.
“The overhaul of the new built-in line is not merely a new take on an old refrigerator,” said Bakke. “We are thrilled to deliver the technologies and design capabilities this series offers – they redefine refrigeration, are truly incredible and are unlike anything else on the market today.”

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