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OG Outdoor Gas Grill with BM13 Burner Module Installation


  • Can a BM13 be installed on both sides of an OG Grill?
  • Can the rotisserie be used if two BM13 Burner Modules are installed with an Outdoor Gas Grill, one BM13 on each side?
  • How do you install the BM13 Burner Module?


The Outdoor Gas (OG) Grill Installation Guide shows the connection of a side burner module (SB13) for a cart.

  • The built-in burner module (BM13) has its own transformer and gas supply line and operates separately from the OG product.
  • The BM13 requires a separate, 15 amp dedicated circuit.
  • An OG Grill can be installed with a BM13 Burner Module on both the right and left sides; however, the rotisserie cannot be used if there is a BM13 on both sides.
    • A minimum 12" gap is required between the BM13 and the OG grill on the rotisserie motor side.
    • A 2" gap from the side of the specified cutout opening is needed between the OG and the BM13 on the non-rotisserie side due to high heat output.
  • Two BM13 burner modules can be placed next to each other as long as the installation requirements for both units are met.
  • The existing OG electrical pin connections remain unconnected if no side burner is used.

Refer to the product installation guide or contact a Factory Certified Installer for further installation information.


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