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Induction Cooktop Bridge


  • When was the bridge added to the Wolf Induction Cooktop?
  • How to use the bridge element for the IR Induction Range
  • What elements are in use when the bridge element is turned on?
  • How to turn off the bridge element


Bridge elements provide a larger cooking area when in use.

  • The Induction Cooktop bridge zone provides an oblong heating area for use with a griddle, open roaster, or fish poacher.
  • All Bridge (36" Induction Cooktops and 36" Induction Ranges Only) should be used for cookware larger than 12" in diameter. For smaller cookware, use the right rear element.
    • The All Bridge feature will hook the four burners together, but there is no elements between the burners. Each hob will be a “hot spot,” and on each hob, the four coils will heat slightly differently.
    • Use a set-on griddle on a vertical or side-to-side bridge to achieve even heat across the surface of the griddle.
    • The bridge zone between two burners only will not have the hot spots that the all bridge feature has.
  • 30" Induction Cooktops and 30" Induction Ranges do not have the All Bridge feature.
  • The CI15T/S 15" Induction Cooktop Module does not feature a bridge element.

To turn on the bridge-zone heating element:

  1. Select the desired power level on one of the single elements.
  2. Touch Bridge between corresponding element controls to bridge elements front to back, BRG to bridge elements side to side, or All Bridge (36" Induction Cooktops and 36" Induction Ranges only) to bridge all elements.
  3. To change the power level, adjust the power level on any active bridged element.
    • If a horizontal or vertical bridge is turned on while another bridge is active, the bridge that was already on will turn off.
  4. To turn off, touch On/Off on any active bridged element.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.

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