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Induction Cooktop Cookware Suggestions


  • What causes the induction burner to blink and not turn on?
  • What types of cookware are compatible with Induction Cooktops?
  • Burner will not turn on with magnetic espresso or small pot or pan
  • Can flat-bottom woks be used on Induction Cooktops or Induction Ranges?
  • Will an Induction Cooktop work if the pot or pan is smaller than the element?


Wolf does not have specific cookware brand recommendations for induction products.

The best cookware for Wolf Induction Cooktops and Induction Ranges has a flat, smooth, magnetic bottom. It should be a similar diameter to the burner in use.

Compatible MaterialsIncompatible Materials
  • Magnetic stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Ceramic and porcelain enameled cookware may work if magnetic
  • All-Aluminum Cookware
  • Clay
  • Copper
  • Glass
  • Some stainless steel
  • Any cookware with magnetic properties and a smooth, flat bottom will work with Induction Cooktops, regardless of style or type (frying pan vs. stockpot, for example).
    • A magnet must stick to the bottom of the cookware. It is best if the magnet sticks across the entire bottom of the pot or pan.
    • Pans with magnetic sides as well work better as a rule than pans with a magnetic bottom only.
  • Magnetic stainless cookware that includes an aluminum core (such as All Clad) are ideal for induction cooking.
    • A pan with an aluminum core will work on an Induction Cooktop, as long as a magnetic steel layer is over the aluminum layer.
    • All-aluminum cookware, such as Calphalon, will not work with Induction Cooktops.
  • Woks that meet the above criteria can be used on an Induction Cooktop. The heat is applied only to the flat bottom of the wok, not the sides, as with a gas burner flame.
  • Magnetic pans used in ovens may be placed over induction burners to finish cooking once the pan is removed from the oven.

Select cookware with a diameter that matches the diameter of the induction element. See Induction Cooktop Burner Sizes for dimensions.

  • When a pan is placed on the element, it should not extend beyond the ring around the element.
  • Very small pans less than 2"-3” in diameter may not be sensed by an induction burner and cannot be used with the Wolf Induction product, even if they are magnetic.
  • Large pots, pans, or griddles are best used with bridge element; when placed over more than one burner, they only heat the areas directly over the burner element.
  • The amount of energy used by the burner is related to the size of the pan. Smaller pans require less energy.


  • Do not use wok rings on Induction Cooktops.
  • Take care when sliding cookware across the surface of the cooktop. Pots and pans with rough surfaces on the bottom can scratch the glass top.
  • Place pan directly on cooktop. Wolf does not recommend placing any material between the pan and the Induction Cooktop when in use.

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Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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