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Steam oven recipe book filled with practical tips detailing what to cook and how to make it delicious every time.

Technique and Recipe Guides

Technique and Recipe Guides

Wolf Technique and Recipe Guide

Your state-of-the-art Wolf appliance is designed to assist and ease all of your culinary endeavors for superior results you can count on. These guides will steer you through the nuances of your appliance, the technology that makes it work, foundational cooking basics and theory that will elevate your technique, and illustrative chef-tested recipes—that taste delicious, too.
wolf kitchen appliances recipe guide


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Convection Steam Oven

convection steam oven pretzel roll recipe


What does convection steam do? For starters, almost everything. Expertly bake flaky, golden pies. Make fall-off-the-bones ribs your typical Tuesday night routine. Perk up once-pesky leftovers for a quick meal—no takeout menu required. This guide walks you through each mode with techniques and recipes that will assist you in creating more memorable meals with your convection steam oven today.

M Series Oven

convection steam oven prime rib recipe


Your M series oven can do so much more than "Bake at 350." Learn what happens inside your oven, how convection actually works, and when to use each mode. The more you know, the more you can trust your oven to take care of all the details so you can enjoy the time spent cooking and around the table. Prime rib. Spinach soufflé. Crème brûlée. Anything you can imagine, you can cook in your M series oven.

Speed Oven

speed oven lasagna recipe


A technological duet engineered with the best of convection and microwave ovens, the speed oven offers you practically limitless edible expression. This guide is merely an inspirational springboard on your culinary journey, assisting you in understanding which mode is best for the dish you are preparing—whether it's homemade popcorn, baked brie, or Cornish game hens.

Vacuum Seal Drawer

wolf appliances vacuum seal drawer


The tried and tested techniques and recipes found in this guide will offer you a glimpse of many practical—and creative—uses for your vacuum seal drawer. Learn how vacuum sealing works, how to get started using your drawer, and techniques for marinating, infusing, and preparing food for sous vide. Now it's time to unlock your creativity and lock in flavor and freshness.

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