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Sub-Zero kitchen featuring full size fridges - 36" Designer (Integrated) Refrigerator Column and 18" Designer (Integrated) Freezer Column

Full-Size Refrigeration

Full-Size Refrigeration

A Sub-Zero full-size food preservation system is more than a refrigerator. It is a monument to fresh, delicious food. With a vast selection of customizable full-size designs, widths, and styles, Sub-Zero units are designed to serve the needs of any space and enhance any décor.


Select from a clean, stainless steel look or custom panels to coordinate with kitchen cabinetry.

Sub-Zero Pro series fridge featuring a professional look with its stainless steel and glass door design


Full-size units include side-by-side, over-and-under, all-refrigerator, all-freezer, and French door styles.

Sub-zero integrated Designer series fridge featuring "disappearing" custom panels and a seamless finish 


Maximize any space with the slimmest 18-inch units to unit combinations that span up to 72 inches wide.

Find your distinctive Sub-Zero style


A signature look featuring an iconic grille, discreet hinges, top compressor, and either a stainless or custom panel-ready finish.

Wolf Appliances 48" Gas Range - 6 Burners and Infrared Charbroiler (GR486C) Wolf Appliances 48" Pro Wall Hood - 24" Depth (PW482418)


A seamless look with flush installation, modular configurations, invisible reveals, and either stainless or “disappearing” custom panels.



A bold, professional look that is equal parts sculpted stainless steel, design statement, and culinary secret weapon.


Customize your Sub-Zero preservation system

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Inside real kitchens

View all Sub-Zero Full-Size Refrigerator products in award-winning kitchens of all styles and sizes.
See Sub-Zero Full-Size Refrigeration in award-winning kitchens of all styles and sizes.

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Substance beyond the style


Sub-Zero prolongs freshness and prevents waste by addressing the three pillars of food preservation: proper humidity, temperature control, and air quality.


Each and every Sub-Zero appliance is rigorously stress-tested to perform for over 20 years of daily use and is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.

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