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Wolf built-in coffee maker

Coffee System and Cup Warming Drawer

Coffee System and Cup Warming Drawer

Coffee and tea drinkers, rejoice. For not only does a Wolf built-in coffee system brew beverages to your exact standards at the touch of a button—but when you add a cup warming drawer, it can serve them in mugs heated to, yes, exactly the right temperature as well.

Café-Quality Drinks

Whether your regular order is a black coffee or something special, Wolf makes it easy to be your own barista with tools to craft drinks most can only find at their nearest café.

High quality coffee of every kind and style by Wolf coffee systems

Substance beyond the style


From the grind of the bean to the strength of the brew, professional-quality Wolf coffee systems offer the personalization to please even the most discerning coffee drinkers.


The ultimate indulgence? An expertly brewed espresso served in a delicately heated demitasse. Wolf warming drawers, seamlessly installed beneath coffee systems, can accommodate up to 40 cups.


Built with an easily reached and refilled water tank, there’s no need to rework your plumbing when you design a Wolf coffee system into your space. (In fact - any space.)

Customize your Wolf coffee system

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