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Sub-Zero Designer Series Full Size Refrigeration

Designer Series Refrigeration

Designer Series Refrigeration

Infinite design possibilities

Designer series refrigeration is advanced food preservation that blends seamlessly into your home's décor. Achieve a completely integrated look with Sub-Zero's largest offering of sizes, configurations, and either stainless or custom panels and hardware.

Why Sub-Zero?


Microprocessors maintain the interior temperatures of Sub-Zero refrigeration within one degree of setpoint, eliminating the wild temperature fluctuations that negatively impact your food's freshness. An advanced air seal around all four sides of the door prevents cold air leaks while conserving energy.


We believe your kitchen and home should be tailored and unique to you. Sub-Zero offers thousands of refrigeration solutions with various widths, innovative configurations, and limitless exterior customization. Modular in design, these units may be configured in any combination to create your ideal kitchen and home.


This NASA-inspired system springs into action every twenty minutes, scrubbing the air of odors and ethylene—a naturally-occurring compound that hastens food ripening and spoilage.

Find the ideal fit

Sub-Zero Designer Series Refrigerators are available in a wide variety of options to suit your kitchen space.


Pair columns to create the exact storage space you need. Explore all-refrigerator, all-freezer, and combination models available in 18, 24, 30, and 36-inch widths.

Sub-Zero Designer Series Refrigerators are available in 30 inch and 36 inch widths.


All-refrigerator, all-freezer, or a combination of both provide ample flexibility for designing refrigeration into your space. Available in 30 and 36-inch widths.

Sub-Zero Designer Series Refrigerators can add convenience and style to any room


Add convenience to any room with all-refrigerator, all-freezer, and combination drawers. Available in 24, 27, 30, and 36-inch widths.

Sub-Zero Undercounter Refrigerators offer anywhere refrigeration with fully customizable exteriors.


This diverse collection features fully customizable exteriors and assorted functions. It's truly “anywhere refrigeration” that seamlessly and beautifully integrates into any space. Available in 15 and 24-inch widths.

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