Integrated Drawer Removal

Core Issue:

  • How do you remove the drawer in an Integrated unit
  • Can the entire drawer on an Integrated unit be removed?
  • How do you remove the drawers of an Integrated model? 

Steps to Verify Issue:

Top Drawer Removal

  1. Pull top drawer assembly open fully.
  2. Lift front of drawer up and off of tabs at front end of drawer spacers, then push telescoping drawer slide assemblies back in.
  3. Carefully place drawer assembly face down directly in front of unit.
  4. Disconnect control cable at interior left rear of unit by turning collar on connector counterclockwise and unplugging pins from socket. (ID models only)
Bottom Drawer Removal
  1. Pull bottom drawer assembly open.
  2. Lift front of drawer up and off of tabs at front end of drawer spacers.
  3. Pull drawer assembly forward and off of drawer slides.
  4. Push telescoping drawer slide assemblies back in.
  1. Reconnect control cable for top drawer in ID models.
  2. Pull telescoping drawer slide out fully.
  3. Set the back edge of drawer on to the slide, and pull the slide forward so the inverted channel of the tub slides under the tab on the rear of the telescoping drawer slide.
  4. Set the front of the drawer down so that the square tab on the drawer slide fits into the square hole on the tub.


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