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Current National Consumer Promotion (2019-2021)


  • How long is the promotion valid?
  • What do I need to purchase to meet the requirements of the qualifying package?
  • Once I purchase the qualifying package, what can I select from?
  • What purchases qualify towards Wolf Gourmet points in the Grand Kitchen Event?
  • How do I redeem my points for the current promotion?
  • Do points expire?
  • Do my Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove, and/or ASKO products have to be installed before I can redeem my points?
  • Is this National Consumer Promotion available in Canada?
  • Is this National Consumer Promotion available in Puerto Rico and all other US Territories?


Exception Requests

If a customer requests to qualify for NCP when they do not meet the terms of the promotion, OR if they qualify and are requesting non-standard product selections, rebate, or SZCP options:

  • Advise we understand the request, restate the terms of the program, and explain why they do not qualify based on the specifics of their situation.
  • Advise exceptions cannot be granted.
  • Common exception requests may include:
    • Products not purchased at the same time.
    • Products purchased outside time frame of the promotion.
    • Not enough points received for the items they would like to receive.
  • Customers can request an additional 3 points towards Wolf Gourmet items instead of SZCP or the $1000 rebate.
    • An exception request is not needed.
    • Advise customers to fill in the mail-in rebate form, noting which items they want for 3 points instead of the check or SZCP.
    • Have the customer email you the completed form.
    • Once received, email the completed form to [email protected].
    • Indicate in your email that the customer is selecting 3 additional points instead of the check or SZCP.
    • Do not offer this to customers. Only follow this procedure if the customer requests.
  • If they request to escalate:
    1. Advise that Product Support can review their case. (As of 7/31, these are handled by product support instead of customer advocates.)
    2. Request copies of the customer's invoice(s) and attach them to the account.

Delayed Product

Product Replacement Before NCP Redeemed

If a customer has a unit from the original invoice replaced prior to redeeming their NCP package:

  • Instruct the customer to use the new unit's serial number.
  • The original invoice is needed.
  • The new serial number is extremely important if selecting SZCP, as it cannot be transferred to another appliance.

Requests to Make Changes to the Qualifying Package Selections

If a customer has already selected the $1000 rebate check and wants to switch to SZCP:

  • Can only be done if the redemption order ($1000 check) is still in PENDING status.
  • The products MUST have been installed AFTER 6/30/2018.
    • An invoice grace period of two weeks (6/15/2018) is allowed, but the installation date is non-negotiable.
    • This is due to a legal contractual requirement with our SZCP Insurance Company.
  • If additional warranty is the goal, consider extending the warranty for an agreed upon time using CS Warranty Extension. (PS or CA)

If a customer has already selected SZCP and would like to switch to the $1000 rebate check:

  • SZCP contracts can only be canceled within 90 days of plan selection with no claims submitted against it.
  • Via SZCP button on the ticket, launch MIZE, find the customer's contract, and cancel it.
  • Contact Pam Larson, and ask her to add the $1000 Rebate Check to the Redemption Order.

If a customer does not want SZCP or the $1000 rebate, only the Wolf Gourmet Items, send an email to [email protected] for manual entry.

  • Include the customer's information and the products desired.

Loyalty Program

If someone is questioning being able to use the NCP along with another promotion or the Loyalty program, please review the terms of the offer with them. Let them know it is not an option to use both the NCP with any other savings.

  • If the customer continues to pursue the topic and request to do both, assign them to a Customer Advocate for handling.

Customer Advocates

In a Loyalty program qualifying situation, if the Customer mentions using the Wolf promotion or NCP, we should not offer Loyalty.

  • If we qualify a customer for Loyalty and then they decide to participate in the Upgrade and Save Promo or purchase an NCP qualifying package, we will redeem Loyalty with no questions asked, and they will receive both.
  • If they are not prequalified, and they have participated in the Wolf Rebate or NCP, we will not give them the 5% Loyalty.

See also:

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