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  • How to use the Toast mode on Countertop Oven
  • How many slices of bread can the Countertop Oven toast?
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The toast mode uses both the top and bottom heating elements and will toast both sides of up to six slices of bread at once. Elements may not glow red, even when they are emitting heat.

To enter toast mode:

  1. Place the oven rack in the top position for best results.
    • Darkness and slices can be adjust at any time.
  2. Turn the selector bezel to Toast.
    • The default number of 4 slices is shown.
  3. Turn the Time/Slice knob to the right to increase the number of slices up to a maximum of six slices or to the left to decrease.
    • The maximum number of slices that can fit in the oven will vary depending on the size of the bread.
  4. Turn the Temp/Darkness knob to the right to increase or to the left to decrease the toast shade.
    • Setting the Time/slice knob to 4, 6, etc. will not change the timer time shown.
  5. Press Start/Stop to start the oven.
  6. The oven automatically turns off when the toasting cycle ends.
    • The oven will hold the last toast setting in its memory unless the oven is unplugged.
    • Toast mode can be stopped anytime by pressing Start/Stop.

See also, Average Toast Time Wolf Gourmet.

Refer to the Countertop Oven Use and Care Guide for further information.

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