Gas Surface Burner Flame Appearance or Quality


  • Improper gas supply type or pressure
  • Low fuel tank (LP tank)
  • Improper gas/air mixture; gas orifice adjustment needed
  • Improper primary or secondary air
  • Burner head not positioned properly
  • Burner assembly dirty or damaged
  • Too many CFMs on DD blower


  • What color should the flames of a gas surface burner be?
  • What are the characteristics of a properly lighted gas burner?
  • Should flame appearance or size change from high to medium to low to simmer?
  • Medium and low flame look the same
  • Flame is too large, too high, too low, too small, pulsates, pulsating, bounces, or dances
  • What would cause the flame to be very high on low to high but normal on simmer?
  • Downdraft is sucking out flames


With the proper gas and air mixture, a flame of natural gas should be blue with a deep blue inner cone and have no trace of yellow flame.

  • With liquid propane gas, some orange tipping is normal.
  • There may not be a discernible visual difference between medium and low flame setting.
  • In both cases, the flame should be essentially odorless.
  • Depending on fuel source, burner size, and temperature (simmer, low, medium high) some vibration or rumbling noise may be heard; this is normal.
  • Make sure the burner is clean, see Wolf Cleaning Reference Guide for more information.
  • If gas burner is not operating correctly, or flame is not normal, refer to Gas Surface Burner Troubleshooting.

Flame Quality Affected by Downdraft

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