How to Load a Dishwasher


  • Best way to load a dishwasher
  • Do you wash/scrape dishes before loading the washer?
  • Where to put plates, bowls, glasses when loading a dishwasher
  • How to put dishes in dishwasher for best clean


Loading and rack configuration instructions start at the 0:50 timestamp.

Before loading dishes, it is good to know:

  • Do not prerinse dishes.
  • Soap is attracted to food residue, so it is not necessary to rinse dirty dishes.
  • Scrape off large debris before loading the dishwasher.

To load the dishwasher:

  • Load dirtiest dishes toward the center of the rack.
  • Do not place cutlery inside each other (for example, spoons should not be stuck together).
  • Place the handle side down on all cutlery except knives, which should be placed blade down.
  • Plates are more vertical, allowing for storage of more plates.
  • Bowls are best placed in bottom rear.
  • The stemware rack is in upper compartment.
  • Place mugs under wine glasses that are angled onto the stemware rack when the rack is down.

Upper rack

  • Load cutlery.

Middle rack

  • Load wine glasses, cups, bowls, and larger cooking utensils.

Lower rack

  • Load plates, saucers, mixing bowls, pots, and pans.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for tips and dishwasher loading illustrations specific to each model.

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