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Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Connected Appliance Connectivity Troubleshooting


  • Connected appliance home wireless connectivity troubleshooting
  • Connectivity troubleshooting for the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App
  • How to troubleshoot connectivity issues
  • New router or internet provider
  • Wireless password has changed


Error Code

If an error code is present, first search for the error code shown to check for more specific troubleshooting information. Common errors include:

General Troubleshooting

If the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App experiences connectivity issues, use the following steps to reconnect to appliances:

  1. Verify other devices in the home have internet access (laptop, tablet, TV, etc.).
  2. Verify the time on the mobile phone is correct.
  3. Check the Wireless Security to make sure it is set up properly.
  4. Restart the Wi-Fi and router. See Restart Wi-Fi and Router for instructions.
  5. Restart the phone or tablet the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App is on and try the app again.
  6. Turn the home circuit breaker to the unit off for 30 seconds and back on again. Retest the unit operation.
  7. Verify the phone or tablet the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App is on uses the same secure Wi-Fi network used for the appliance setup. See Check SSID and Wireless Network Name for instructions.
  8. Check the router network settings to make sure they are not preventing connection. See Check Router Network Settings for instructions.
  9. Check the user manual for the router to verify the instructions on configuring firewalls or privacy controls.
  10. Confirm wireless interference is not the cause of the issue. See Connected Appliance Wireless Interference for instructions.
  11. Contact the wireless provider company or the router manufacturer for further troubleshooting assistance.
  12. If the app is connecting to the internet, but having trouble pairing with the appliance, refer to Connected Appliance Pairing Troubleshooting.
  13. If the app disconnects for any reason and a login is required, the appliance will stay in the state it was in when the app disconnected.
    • Example: If the unit is in Long Vacation Mode, it will stay in that mode if the app is disconnected.
  14. If you are connecting the appliance to a Wi-Fi 6 network, first disable the AX feature. After the appliance has been connected to a Wi-Fi 6 network with AX mode disabled, you can re-enable the AX feature and the appliance should stay connected.

Issue-Specific Resources

App does not finish pairing:

Time zone troubleshooting:

Internet provider, wireless password, or router is changed:

Additional Resources


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