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Designer Series (DET, DEC) and Legacy Designer Series (IT, IC, ID) Showroom Mode


  • Put a Designer Series unit into Showroom Mode
  • Take a Designer unit out of Showroom Mode
  • Shut off Showroom setting on a Designer unit
  • Disable Showroom Mode
  • Turn on Showroom Mode
  • When did the password for Showroom Mode change on Designer models?


When a Legacy Designer (IT, IC, ID) unit is in Showroom Mode, the word "Showroom" appears on the control panel.

  • In Showroom Mode, cooling functions are disabled but the lighting and controls work for display purposes.
  • If the unit is not cooling at all, but the display reads normal cooling temperatures, the unit is in display mode.
  • Legacy Designer units in Showroom Mode will return to Showroom Mode after a power outage.
  • Note that the unit cannot enter Sabbath Mode while in Showroom Mode. 

To enter and exit Showroom Mode:

  1. Unit must be turned on.
  2. Touch the gear icon on the control panel. If temperatures are shown, press the arrow first.
  3. Touch the wrench icon on the control panel.
  4. Enter the appropriate password to enter the showroom or service options mode by pressing the dashes until the appropriate symbol appears.
    • Refer to the table below.
    • If Showroom Mode does not show as an option, enter the password below to access it.
  5. Touch "Showroom Mode." It may be necessary to scroll or swipe the options to see the words "Showroom Mode."
    1. Press Start to initiate Showroom Mode.
    2. Press Stop to turn Showroom Mode off.
  6. Unit will exit the functions menu after 20 seconds.
  7. If the Showroom Mode will not start, or the unit will not stay in Showroom Mode, no troubleshooting advice is available.

Designer Showroom Mode password changed and approximate serial breaks for the change are below:


Serial # Break

Showroom Mode Password

Prior to 5537401X, Triangle, Square, Triangle
Starting with 5537401Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X
Prior to 5536000X, Triangle, Square, Triangle
Starting with 5536000Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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