Wolf Gourmet Toaster Keep Warm Setting


  • Why use the Keep Warm setting?
  • What does the Keep Warm setting do in a Wolf Gourmet Toaster?
  • How does the Keep Warm setting work in a Wolf Gourmet Toaster?
  • How does the Keep Warm cycle operate?
  • What does the sound of the chime indicate?

Steps to Verify Issue:

The Wolf Gourmet Toaster Keep Warm setting keeps toast warm after toasting until toast is needed.

To use:

  1. Place bread in the toaster.
  2. Press bread lifter down.
  3. Select Keep Warm.


When used, Keep Warm will hold the bread in the toaster for up to three minutes, allowing the toast cycle to gently keep the toast warm.

  • At the end of the toast cycle, the toaster will chime three times, and the Keep Warm setting indicator light will begin flashing to indicate it is active.
  • In one-minute increments, the toaster will chime once as a courtesy notification.
  • After three minutes, the toaster will pop up the toast and sound three chimes to indicate the cycle is complete.
  • Note: Users may select any combination of buttons with the Keep Warm setting. For example, Keep Warm can be used in combination with Bagel and/or Frozen.

Use the following guidelines to make sure the Keep Warm cycle is operating properly:

  • The Keep Warm setting can be selected at any time and used with any cycle.
  • In this mode, the toaster cycles, turning off for 40 seconds and back on for 20 seconds.
  • There is a chime after each minute and a final three chimes when the warming period is complete at the end of the three-minute cycle.

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