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Wolf Outdoor Grill (OG) Smoker Box


  • Does the smoker box come standard with a Wolf Outdoor Grill (OG)?
  • OG smoker box use and care
  • Smoker box installation
  • Part number for smoker box
  • Smoking, smoke


The Wolf sealed smoker box can hold your favorite liquid or soaked wood chips to give meat a smoky flavor.

  • The smoker box is provided with all Outdoor Grills.

To install and use the smoker box:

  1. Remove one burner grate section and slide the remaining sections to the side so the center is exposed.
  2. Remove a center half-size briquette tray where there is no flash tube.
  3. Position the smoker box in place of the briquette tray.
    • The smoker box will line up over the top of the burner flame.
    • For best results, have the smoker box centered in the middle of the grill.
  4. Open the smoker box lid, add your favorite soaked wood chips, and replace the lid. Do not overfill.
  5. Turn the control knob for the burner under the smoker box on HI.
    • Once smoking begins, turn heat down to prevent wood chip flare-up.
  6. Wear a barbecue mitt to protect hands. Slide a burner grate section over the smoker box and place food directly on the grate over the smoker box.
  7. Every 30 to 45 minutes, slide the grate section to the side to expose the smoker box, open the smoker box, stir chips, and add more if needed.
  8. Turn food if needed. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until desired temperature or doneness.

The smoker box may warp slightly with heat, but will keep its original shape after it cools.

  • Never use the smoker box over the infrared sear burner.

Replacement smoker boxes can be purchased through a Factory Certified Parts Distributor.

GrillPart Number
OG30, OG42, OG54814718

Refer to the product use and care guide for further information.


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