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Pro Series Ventilation Transition to Damper Change


  • What Pro Series Hoods come with the new damper?
  • When was the hood transition replaced by the damper? Serial number break?
  • How do you know if a Pro Hood comes with a transition or a damper?
  • Where is the new damper packaged inside the hood?
  • Part number 820424


A transition is no longer required on Pro Series Ventilation Hoods that have the new style damper.

  • Hood shipping boxes containing the updated damper have orange corner labels with bold black lettering stating, “NEW 10-INCH DAMPER.”
  • The new damper service part number is 820424.
    • The new damper is 2" high, with a 10" round damper on the discharge side.
    • New dampers are not reverse-compatible with older hoods.
  • The damper attaches with brackets.
    • Brackets come with the damper and are referred to as "hold down brackets" in the installation guide.
  • The damper is packaged inside the hood, similar to how the transitions were shipped with hoods.
  • The new damper is supplied with the following hoods:
ModelNew TransitionOld Transition Part #
PLxx2212Starting with serial # 14644731818755
PWxx2418Starting with serial # 16158239811194
PWxx2718Starting with serial # 16158239811194
  • Will not have the new damper
  • The outlet configuration is different, which prevents use of the new damper
  • Part # 811300 is a transition with a damper built in
811194 or 811300,
depending on ducting
PI and PWC Hoods

Starting with serial # 14825210


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