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Wolf Appliance, Inc. Couples Sleek Design with Powerful Performance in New Induction Range

Madison, WI (3/22/2016)

New Appliance Unveiled During Architectural Digest Design Show 2016

Wolf Appliance, Inc., the industry leader in premium cooking equipment, introduced its first ever induction range at the Architectural Digest Design Show 2016 in New York City. Available to consumers this fall, the new induction range combines the sleek design and efficient performance of induction with the precise control and power of the iconic Wolf dual convection range.

“Homeowners are becoming more interested in induction technology and until now haven’t had the option to combine it with the power and precision of the dual convection range,” said Brian Jones, Director of Marketing for Sub-Zero and Wolf. “We created this product as a direct response to the feedback we’re receiving from designers and homeowners, and this launch further underscores Wolf’s commitment to offering an even wider range of quality cooking equipment in more design options.”

The Wolf Induction Range

Induction cooking harnesses the power of magnets, generating heat directly in the cooking vessel rather than the cooktop, to create a precise and efficient control of heat. Increased temperature response means lightning-fast high heat, super-low melts and simmers, and quick recovery. Foods like sauces and melted chocolate can be held at a simmer for hours without scorching. Additional benefits of induction:

  • Pan-sensing technology ensures almost no heat is wasted during cooking because energy is supplied only to the cooking vessel.
  • Electromagnetic fields heat only induction-compatible cookware so the cooktop stays relatively cool to the touch.
  • Induction cooktops are easier to clean because spills and splatters won’t burn on and adhere to the surface.

The range also features the signature Wolf dual convection oven cavity with two convection fans that saturate and circulate heat to ensure that food is cooked evenly without hot and cool spots, regardless of its placement within the oven, allowing multi-rack cooking with no rotation necessary. The dual convection oven also features 10 cooking modes that provide home cooks with the ideal cooking environments for everything from Cornish hens to cherry pie to roasted vegetables. The 10 modes are Bake, Roast, Broil, Convection, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Convection Broil, Bake Stone, Proof and Dehydrate.

The induction range will be available in 30-inch and 36-inch widths – the 36-inch Wolf induction range is an industry first. Both sizes will include a sleek black glass cooking surface topside, choice of iconic red, black, or brushed stainless steel knobs, and are available in professional or transitional styles, thus signifying another landmark – the first time Wolf has offered a transitional option for its iconic range. For preliminary product details and more information, click here.

A third-generation family-owned company, Sub-Zero, Inc., formed Wolf Appliance, Inc., in 2000, establishing the brands as corporate companions and kitchen soul mates. Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances are manufactured in the United States using only premium-quality materials that are proven to stand the test of time. For further information, or to reach a Wolf distributor in your area, please visit