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Sub-Zero Introduces New Line of Integrated Refrigeration

Madison, WI (9/26/2013)

'Anywhere Refrigeration' Offers Advanced Freshness Performance, Limitless Design Options

Sub-Zero – the industry leader in premium refrigeration and wine storage, today introduced a groundbreaking line of integrated refrigeration as part of the New Generation product launch, the largest product rollout in the company's 68-year history. Available to consumers on a rolling basis beginning this fall 2013, the newintegrated refrigeration line utilizes Sub-Zero's pioneering freshness technology in addition to advanced performance features. All of the column, tall and drawer refrigerator units will now be offered in five widths, totaling 19 new models, for limitless, customizable design options.

"Our new integrated refrigeration products represent art and science in the kitchen," said Jim Bakke, president and CEO of Sub-Zero and Wolf. "We're bringing unparalleled freshness performance with flexible design features to one of our most popular lines. The integrated line allows consumers to have refrigeration virtually anywhere in their homes. We've invested a great deal in the latest technology to engineer these products to meet the needs and expectations of our consumers."

After creating the built-in appliance category in the 1950s — making the hidden refrigerator possible — Sub-Zero brought integrated refrigeration to market in 1995, once again revolutionizing the kitchen design industry. Now, Sub-Zero's latest innovations to integrated refrigeration include more performance and design features.

Performance Features
Sub-Zero retains its commitment to the science of food preservation and has carried over freshness features to the New Generation of integrated refrigeration. Each unit contains separate, sealed cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer ensuring optimum preservation conditions for each type of food. Dual refrigeration ® eliminates cross-compartment flavor contamination and reduces freezer burn. New to the integrated refrigeration line is Sub-Zero's unique air purification system that scrubs the air of elements that can cause food to spoil, such as mold, bacteria, viruses and ethylene gas.

New integrated refrigeration also contains a drawer that is a lower-temperature, higher humidity zone — a refrigerator within a refrigerator — with the perfect conditions for produce and meats. Also included in the new integrated refrigeration products are freshness cards that provide proper food storage instructions, guiding homeowners on how to make the most of their innovative food preservation technology.

More precise and versatile than mechanical systems, the microprocessor control function of integrated refrigeration maintains the temperature within 1° of the selected setting while also controlling the defrost patterns and storing diagnostic information for service technicians. Additionally, a three-axis installation, six-direction door panel alignment system ensures a flawless fit with adjacent cabinetry, while rollers on the bottom of each unit simplify the installation process.

Design Features
With optional stainless steel finishes and limitless design treatment options, Sub-Zero's integrated refrigeration is designed to sit flush with cabinetry and can either stand out or "disappear" into a kitchen's décor. All of the new integrated column, tall and drawer refrigerator units are now available in four widths for even more customization: 18", 24", 30" and 36".

Columns are 84" in height and have a single point of entry with the door spanning the entire height. Columns are available in 18" (freezer only), 24", 30" (refrigerator and freezer) and 36" (refrigerator only). Also 84" to coordinate with most cabinetry, the tall variety has three entries — the main compartment and two drawers underneath. Integrated tall products are available as all refrigerators in 30" and 36", and combination refrigerator/freezer in 30" and 36". The tall all freezer model is available in 30". New integrated refrigeration drawers all measure 34.5" in height though they vary between 24" and 36" widths. Integrated drawer products are available as all refrigerators in 24", 27", 30" and 36"; all freezers in 24" and 30"; and as combination refrigerator/freezer drawers available in 30" and 36".

"At Sub-Zero, creativity paired with the latest technology work together to make the ideal appliance for today's demanding customers," said Michele Bedard, vice president of marketing for Sub-Zero and Wolf. "The innovations and new sizes we're bringing to integrated refrigeration are designed to give limitless design options so our appliances can best fit their needs. We intend for our developments to continue setting the standard for intelligently designed, beautiful kitchens and appliances that last for decades."

Integrated refrigeration products contain additional Sub-Zero features that provide simple and sophisticated functionality, including filtered and chilled internal water dispensers; an optional ice maker with added control to increase production by up to 30 percent; a digital touch screen to set the temperature with precision; a drawer-damper system softening the closing of internal, crispers, and external drawers to better blend with cabinetry; inner drawer dividers for organizational flexibility; nano-retention shelves to contain spills; professional or tubular handle options that coordinate with Wolf products; and Star-K Kosher Certification on all.

A third-generation, family-owned company, Sub-Zero appliances are constructed by hand in the United States using premium-grade materials. Developed with and for the design community, Sub-Zero products offer limitless design possibilities backed by more than 65 years of appliance expertise. Please consult your local distributor for exact product availability dates. For further information, or to reach a Sub-Zero distributor in your area, please visit