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Sub-Zero Introduces Updates to Integrated Wine Storage

Madison, WI (1/13/2015)

More size options, updated performance features to combat the enemies of wine

Sub-Zero, the industry leader in premium refrigeration and wine storage, introduces additions and enhancements to its line of integrated wine storage as part of the largest product rollout in company history. Available beginning in March 2015, new Sub-Zero wine storage includes updated performance features that target and fight the enemies of wine in addition to more size options.

“Wine is a significant investment. Our wine storage units are built to protect that investment,” said Jim Bakke, president and CEO of Sub-Zero. “Sub-Zero wine storage units act as guardians against the enemies of wine—heat, light, humidity and vibration—and they look great while doing it.”

There are four “enemies” of wine of which even the most casual wine drinker should be aware when deciding how to store wine for aging, or for later enjoyment. The following enemies are listed in order of the harm they can cause:

  • Temperature has the biggest potential impact on wine storage. Ideally, wine of any type should be stored around 55 degrees. As wine ages, complex chemical changes occur. When the temperature of wine is warmer than ideal, chemical changes can occur faster than desired. This acceleration of the aging process leads to the wine peaking in quality earlier than expected, and declining faster thereafter.

  • Ultraviolet light exposure breaks down compounds in the wine, producing undesirable tastes and odors. Darkness is the ideal lighting condition for storing wine.

  • Humidity levels that are too low can cause the cork to dry out, allowing wine to leak out and let air in, which leads to oxidation of the wine. Humidity levels that are too high can allow mold to grow on the cork and label or even cause the labels to completely disintegrate.

  • Vibration causes sediment from the bottom of the bottle to circulate, reacting with the wine and producing off-flavors.

In order to combat the four enemies of wine, Sub-Zero wine storage incorporates new performance features. Precise temperature control maintains temperatures in up to two zones of the unit (one for red, one for white) within one degree of its set point. This control ensures wine stays cool at its ideal serving temperature. UV-resistant glass, soft LED lighting and an even darker interior than before protect wine from light. Dual-evaporators maintain the appropriate level of humidity, eliminating the chance of corks drying out or becoming too moist, which could result in damaged wine. Full-extension interior racks are covered with a coating that not only gives owners full access to every bottle of wine, but also cradles each bottle to prevent vibration. Doors also feature hinges that allow for soft open and close.

In addition to wine preservation features, Sub-Zero’s integrated wine storage also incorporates design features including three new widths – a 30-inch size, available in March 2015, and 18-inch and 24-inch sizes, available in April 2015, have been added to the original 27-inch integrated option. It is now easier to mix and match new integrated wine with the latest integrated refrigeration. Unit height and handles match perfectly, ensuring a cohesive look throughout the kitchen. A tile inventory system helps owners easily keep track of wine in the unit. Tiles feature commonly consumed types of wine, such as Chardonnay or Cabernet, and owners may create their own label by purchasing blank tiles. There are now additional storage options for dessert wine and oversized bottles that allow owners to store specific varieties and sizes with others. An accessory lock allows the unit to be secured and prevent anyone from opening it without a key. New wine storage units can also connect to home security systems and alert the owner in the case of power outages.

“Our wine storage combines high-quality materials, advanced technology and design, and a 70-year tradition of American craftsmanship to protect your cherished collection,” said Michele Bedard, vice president of marketing for Sub-Zero. “Sub-Zero understands the importance of every glass of wine and we want to ensure you get the best taste with every sip.”

A third-generation family-owned company, Sub-Zero, Inc., formed Wolf Appliance, Inc., in 2000, establishing the brands as corporate companions and kitchen soul mates. Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances are manufactured in the United States using only premium-quality materials that are proven to stand the test of time. For further information, or to reach a Wolf distributor in your area, please visit