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Alice Davenport

Alice Davenport Interiors


    • Q&A with Alice Davenport

      Where do you find design inspiration?
      My design inspiration comes from different and unexpected places. I find that I am mostly inspired through my travels and nature.

      How do you approach the design process?
      I approach the design process by first getting to know my client, my client's lifestyle and what my client likes. It is important to meet the needs of my clients, so I begin with that. Once I have a grasp of what they like, I am able to pull together colors, fabrics and finishes.

      How does your aesthetic stand out amongst other designers/architects?
      I never want to be a designer that only knows how to achieve one look. I want people to walk into my client's home and see that it is unique to my client. I don't want someone to walk into the house and immediately think of me. Nobody wants the same look as somebody else, so I constantly change to make sure each client gets a unique finished product.

      What is the greatest value you provide your client?
      The greatest thing I can do for my clients is create a space that they love and that is unique to them. My goal is to create a space that my clients walk into and immediately feel the calmness and comfort of home.

      What is your biggest challenge as a designer/architect?
      It is always important to make sure a space is functional for the lifestyle of my clients. I find it a challenge when I fall in love with something beautiful, but then I have to remind myself that it may not be practical for my client's lifestyle. It's a fun challenge to make sure the space is both functional and beautiful. It forces me think outside of the box.

      Where do you see kitchen design going in the next 5 years?
      As I watch the pattern of the way people live, I see that they spend more and more time in the Kitchen than ever before. In the next five years, I believe kitchens will start to blend with the rest of the house and look more like a family room than a kitchen. The appliances will blend in with the cabinetry and walls, to the point that when you walk into the kitchen, you will almost not know you are in the kitchen.

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