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Barry Price

Barry Price

Barry Price Architecture

PO Box 724
Bearsville, NY 12409


    • Barry Price established his practice in Woodstock, NY in 1994 having completed his graduate and professional training in Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA. Drawn to the Hudson Valley eager to work in a rural setting, he established a practice quickly specializing in regionally-inspired modern residential and small scale institutional buildings.

      Inspired by the desire to balance singular architectural expression with high performance construction detailing, the studio has evolved to offer expertise in designs for new buildings, renovations and energy saving retrofits. Utilizing locally sourced materials, executed by a network of skilled trades, he offers a high level of design, technical expertise and project administration.

      Q&A with Barry Price

      Where do you find design inspiration?
      The natural landscape that surrounds the area where I live and work provides for much of my inspiration. The challenge to design buildings that can maximize the visual relationship between inside and outside while taking into account the demands of summer and winter, and using this requirement as an opportunity to inspire spaces that amplify the simple beauty of this annual change. Local materials that pick up on the color, texture and tone of the local landscape allow for the detailing and nuance we endeavor to bring to the work.

      How do you approach the design process?
      Establishing basic principles to guide the design process, we work with our clients to identify priorities, and major features that will distinguish the project. This principled approach allows us to address and organize the array of decisions that kitchen projects in particular will bring.

      What makes your aesthetic stand out amongst other designers?
      The project is distinguished by the basic intention to integrate cabinetry and appliances in a way that inverts the conventional relationship between the two. By establishing a 'field' of stainless steel provided by the appliances, top drawers and toe kicks, the wood door and drawer panels appear to ‘float’ within the kitchen composition. In this way, the visual prominence of appliances and cabinetry are balanced. Throughout the house, the materials palette was kept reduced to painted and stainless steel, walnut and limestone. The kitchen brings the most articulate consideration of these elements.

      What is the greatest value you provide to your clients?
      The identification of principles, articulation of priorities, provision of guidance for selections and consideration of options all allow for a result that balances collaboration with professional expertise.

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