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Josh Allison

Josh Allison

Josh Allison Architecture

    • While growing up in Wilmington, Delaware, Josh Allison always enjoyed drawing, art and crafting things by hand. After exploring these interests in high school, Virginia Tech provided the perfect environment to further develop Josh’s foundation and lead him to achieve licensure, and ultimately prepare him to launch Josh Allison Architecture in 2010. As a boutique firm, Josh Allison Architecture focuses on various sized residentially oriented projects and enjoys working with different types of clients. Josh believes in a healthy work-life balance and some of his interests include spending time with his wife, two children and dog; salt water fishing; boating; carpentry; mountain biking; and cooking and wine.

      Q&A with Josh Allison

      Where do you find design inspiration?
      Design inspiration comes from a number of sources. For a renovation or expansion project, I look for merit in the existing architecture. For new construction projects I look to the site. I also find inspiration in the work of other architects. Those projects that respect the context of their site, and those that are honest in their use of materials, are the projects that I find the most inspiring.

      How does your aesthetic standout amongst designers/architects?
      I try to make every project fit. Whether that means fitting a large estate site or fitting a small historic house, the goal is always for the project to look like it respects the site, existing structure or other features of the site, even if it includes elements that add a twist or make it “of today”. Selection of finishes requires restraint and I try to use materials that are integral rather than applied to the design. I believe this approach creates projects that are truly timeless and will patina and become more cherished with age.

      What is the greatest value you provide your client?
      Clients would attest to my ability to listen and understand their goals and my desire to study many different practical design solutions. A thorough design process that explores creative solutions is supported by a commitment to technical detailing. I take a lot of pride in the construction drawings and technical aspects of the project and enjoy being involved throughout construction. This holistic, approach minimizes surprises and provides an exceptional experience for the client.

      What is your biggest challenge as a designer/architect?
      "Putting down the pencil." During the design phase I love to study all of the possible design solutions I can think of. Later in the process, I love the details that make a project special and I find satisfaction in drawing details of every unique condition. Balancing my desire to design and draw as much as possible with the design budget for the project is sometimes challenging. When I am not disciplined about this, it results in too many late nights in the studio.

      What does the Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest mean to you?
      Participating in the contest is a huge honor. Sub-Zero and Wolf products are beautifully designed and I love how they work with many different styles. As an architect who loves to cook, I love the performance of Sub-Zero and Wolf products and always recommend them when the budget allows. It is really special to be recognized by a company that I respect.

      Where do you see kitchen design going in the next 5 years?
      The food movement and interest in healthy living is leading to a renewed interest in cooking. I see the current trend of clients being interested in kitchens that perform and are durable as a trend that will continue long term.

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