5.5" Serrated Utility Knife

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5.5 inch serrated utility knife
Versatility, agility, and a razor-sharp serrated edge.

Longer than a paring knife and lighter than a chef’s knife, the utility knife is uniquely designed to perform one-off kitchen tasks, such as halving sandwiches or portioning a fish filet. The serrated edge of this Wolf Gourmet 5.5-inch utility knife is particularly adept at making clean cuts through foods with tough exteriors and soft interiors. Slice crusty breads, ripe tomatoes, sausages, and soft vegetables with ease.

Selecting the correct knife for your task is an important first step, whether you are a seasoned pro or developing new skills. Wolf Gourmet’s collection of knives is among the sharpest, most durable in the world thanks to a blend of high-end materials, thoughtful design, and German craftsmanship. 

Razor Sharp
Wolf Gourmet’s signature stainless steel features excellent edge performance, hardness, and corrosion resistance thanks to its unique chemical composition. Because it’s a superior material, this particular metal requires a significant investment of time and effort – making the razor-sharp, long-lasting 12.5 degree edge uniquely Wolf Gourmet. 

Quality You Can See and Feel
Wolf Gourmet knives converge modern materials with master craftsmanship. Each one is individually evaluated, hand-tuned, and finished by German craftsmen, who practice century-old forging techniques. You’ll notice the difference, from the moment you take the knife out of its box to the time you’re serving the finished meal.

Unmatched Durability
Each knife is created from a single piece of our signature stainless steel, forged into a full-tang blade, then triple-riveted to the Pakkawood handle. In unison, this combination of features creates a collection durable enough to last a lifetime, yet requiring minimal honing and sharpening. 

Exceptional Precision + Control
A sharp, durable knife isn’t quite enough; it must also be comfortable to use. That’s why we created a patented handle shape for all Wolf Gourmet knives. Each knife fits securely in the right or left hand with balance, precision, and complete control, no matter what kind of grip you prefer.

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