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15" Transitional Steamer Module


Standard Installation

Electrical Requirements

  • Electrical Supply 3-wire, 240/208 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical Service 15 amp dedicated circuit

Electrical Location Illustration

Model Options

  • SM15TF/S $2,600

Feature Overview

    • Steam meats, grains, and more with the powerful 2700-watt heating element
    • Increases precision cooking as well as the ability to adjust in 1-degree increments with 10 preset power levels for sous vide cooking
    • Melt fine chocolate, proof bread, and more
    • Slow cooks for eight to ten hours
    • Holds steam for more consistent temperatures with the advanced lid seal
    • Pair the slim 15" modules with other modules and full-size transitional framed cooktops
    • Holds up to 20 cups of liquid
    • Stack stainless steel pans with ease
    • Release full water capacity in just two minutes with an electronic drain