Outdoor Grill Wire Lanyard

Core Issue:

  • What is the wire screwed to the side of the OG?
  • What is the steel wire that is 4 ft long with an alligator clip at the end on an OG?
  • How do you manually light an OG?
  • Wire in the drip tray of an Outdoor Grill
  • Wire coil in the drip tray of an OG


The 4 foot long steel wire screwed to the side of an OG grill is the lanyard is used for manually igniting the grill.

  1. Insert a lit match held by the lanyard (located in the drip tray) or BBQ lighter through the burner grates and near the top of the flash tube.
  2. The lanyard may be removed from the drip tray to be stored elsewhere, if desired.
  3. A flame will be visible under the briquettes.
  4. Once the flame is visible, release the knob.
  5. If the burner fails to light within five seconds, turn knob to the OFF position
  6. Wait five minutes
  7. Repeat the lighting procedure as needed.

Refer to the product use and care guide for further information.

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