700 Series and 427 Stainless Steel Kickplates


  • Is there a stainless steel kickplate for the 700 Series, 427R or 427RG for purchase?
  • How does the stainless kickplate or toekick attach to a 700 Series or 427 unit?
  • Does a stainless kickplate come with a stainless steel panel for Designer (Formerly Integrated) models?
  • What is the part number for the velcro fasteners used to attach a kickplate?


Stainless steel kickplates for 700 Series, model 427 and model 427R are available but do not come standard with the product.

  • The stainless steel kickplate is solid, without louvers.
  • The stainless steel kickplate attaches onto the original kickplate grille using Velcro.
  • Stainless steel kickplates are 4" high.
  • A stainless steel kickplate comes with the accessory stainless steel panels.
  • To obtain a stainless kickplate separately:
    • Order part # 7016224 for a 27" wide stainless steel kickplate
    • Order part # 7016468 for a 36" wide stainless steel kickplate
    • Also order 4 Velcro fasteners, part # 3450760, to attach the kickplate to the unit for 27" or 36" wide products. This part number is for one fastener, order a quantity of 4 to attach one to each corner of the kickplate.
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