Contemporary CE Electric and CI Induction Cooktop Radius


  • What is the radius of the glass top on the (CI) Induction and (CE) Electric Cooktop
  • Induction and Electric Cooktop radius
  • How to install CI Induction Cooktop or CE Electric Cooktop flush with tightest installation


The outside radius of the cut-out is 7/16".

  • The actual cooktop radius is 3/8" but the glass can vary slightly from unit to unit.
  • A template is no longer provided due to differing tolerances in the template and glass.
  • To ensure the tightest installation possible, use the actual cooktop glass to trace/create a template from wood or other material. That will ensure the template is an exact match to the cooktop glass.
  • Previous Unframed Electric and Induction Cooktops had a cut-out radius of 1 5/16".
    • Cooktop Radius Reference
    • If a new Contemporary Induction or Electric Cooktop is installed in a previous model opening, additional countertop material will need to be removed from the outside corners or a new countertop is required.
    • A new Transitional or Professional (Framed) Cooktop would fit into the existing opening, however, it would sit on top of the countertop, not flush like the existing cooktop.

Refer to the Wolf Design Guide for design specifications.

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