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Cove Dishwasher Control4 Integration


  • How to connect Cove Dishwasher to Control4 Home Automation
  • Can Cove connect to smart home operating systems?


The Control4 driver can integrate with Cove appliances through the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App. This driver enables the Control4 system to read the status of, make changes to, and receive events from the Cove Dishwasher.


  • The driver supports Conditionals in the Programming Actions pane. These allow custom programming scripts to make decisions based on any of the properties described below.


  • The driver supports Commands in the Programming Actions pane. These allow custom programming scripts to change selected properties. At this time, only the Mode property can be changed through this driver.


  • The driver does not provide any data nor controls through variables.


  • Device Properties are used to show appliance information.
  • The following properties are available for Cove Dishwashers. Note that not all Cove Dishwasher models support all of these features. Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.

Indicates what mode the appliance is in.

  • In Normal mode, all features of the appliance are enabled.
  • The Child lock mode avoids unwanted control panel operation.
  • The Sabbath Mode prepares the appliance to operate in accordance with applicable Star-K guidelines.
Selected CycleIndicates which cycle is currently selected.
Cycle Options

Various wash cycle options are available depending on the cycle selected. Consult appliance documentation to learn which options are applicable in each cycle.

  • Extended Dry lengthens the drying time by 30 minutes.
  • Extra Dry uses the heating element and lengthens the drying time.
  • High Temp Wash increases the main wash water temperature.
  • Sani Rinse increases the rinse water temperature.
  • Upper rack only directs wash functions to upper and middle racks only.
Cycle StatusIndicates whether the selected cycle is idle (not started), ready to start, running, paused, canceled, drying, or complete.
Door AjarIndicates whether the door is latched or ajar.
Delay Start ActiveIndicates whether a delay has been inserted before the selected cycle begins.
Remote ReadyThe appliance must be put into remote ready mode through its front panel controls before the mobile app will be able to start a wash cycle.
Softener Salt LowIndicates when salt is low for models with a water softener feature.
Rinse Aid LowIndicates when the rinse aid is low.


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